Venus enters Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn

Venus is hurrying through Capricorn

January 8 – February 1, 2021

After a stint in sparkly Sagittarius Venus is now moving on into the altogether more sober Capricorn. It is not a sign that Venus has naturally a lot of affinity with. It conveys the feeling of ‘the morning after the night before’. The party is over. It’s back to business.

Venus in Capricorn is level-headed and rather stoic. Whatever will be, will be. She makes the most of it but following whatever steps are necessary. Maintaining the correct formal procedure is important to Venus in Capricorn.

Venus transits generally have a friendly vibe: a lovely encounter, time for art (creating or admiring it), for entertainment, or a lazy day of self-indulgence, or maybe a wellness break.

Capricorn, however, is not a very indulgent sign. It is rather formal and traditional. So, a Venus in Capricorn event is more likely to be a formal affair, where a great deal of attention is paid to formalities, attire, and the correct ritual procedure. If this were a social event, this would be a gala, rather than a rave.

Due to the swift movement of this transit, the effect is rather ephemeral. Make the most of it when you can see it coming.

Self-Presentation, Persona (1. House)

When Venus moves through a Capricorn first house she is well aware that she only has one chance to make a first impression. She pays a great deal of attention to her self-management and presentation, especially when meeting people for the first time.

Money, Values (2. House)

A Venus transit through a Capricorn second house focuses on material security. It is a frugal transit. Investments are likely to combine the beautiful (no frills, mind you) with the utilitarian.

Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (3. House)

If you are a person of letters, transiting Venus through a Capricorn third house is a good time to roll up the sleeves and actually put pen to paper. It is also a good time to spread goodwill among friends and siblings.

Home and Family (4. House)

A Capricorn fourth house welcomes a Venus transit to bring some cheer into a sphere that is normally rather functional. It is a good time to invest some energy in home-making. Venus in Capricorn always finds ways to improve things around the house and to make them more practical.

Creativity, Children (5. House)

When Venus moves through a Capricorn fifth house it is time to get creative and actually get down to it. With a Capricorn fifth house play is work and work is play. With Venus passing through, make an art of it.

Health, Work, Service (6. House)

In the sixth house, Venus is not all that motivated to get busy working, although, in Capricorn that is a more likely outcome. On the other hand, this could be a good time to focus on health and wellness matters. Relations with co-workers are likely to be good under this transit.

Partnership, Relationship (7. House)

Venus transiting the seventh house is passing through her natural domain. In Capricorn, Venus is rather serious, committed, no BS. In this sign, Venus is looking for comfort and security and can be calculating.

Shared Assets, Inner Resources (8. House)

A Venus transit through a Capricorn eighth house can be a very positive influence. You may find that you have inner or outer resources at your access that you did not expect.

Travel, Study (9. House)

A Venus transit through the ninth house generally enjoys novel experiences – especially through travel. In Capricorn Venus likes to combine pleasure and business. Keep an open mind to new, possibly foreign influences. Something nice might come of it.

Career, Status (10. House)

Venus transiting a Capricorn tenth house can be a very beneficial time for business relations and favors. Meeting just the right people at just the right time to further your career interests.

Community, In-Group (11. House)

When Venus transits through a Capricorn eleventh house, friends, teammates, and the sense of being part of a community can be a great source of comfort and joy.

Spirituality, Transcendence (12. House)

A Venus transit through the twelfth house in Capricorn can be quite devotional and selfless. There is a feeling that it is one’s duty to serve or help others in need. In Capricorn, this can be quite a self-sacrificing labor of love.

Kat Morgenstern

About Kat Morgenstern (AstroCat)

I am an astrologer, life coach, and counselor, writer, thinker, and eco-therapist. Astrology can show us not only where our unique talents lie and how we might best use them. I believe that self-knowledge is the key to fulfilling your life's dreams. I am passionate about helping people to find their unique way through difficult phases of their lives. 

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About Kat Morgenstern

About Kat Morgenstern

A long, long time ago, when I first set out on my path at the age of 17, I asked the heavens for guidance - which way should I turn? Where is the path of integrity that can be walked in love and beauty, a path without fear, greed or shame? How can I give meaning to my life? What should I do with my short time on this planet? These questions and the answers I found defined my path. I became an astrologer, life coach, and counselor, writer, thinker, and eco-therapist. It has been a long and...

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