Mercury enters Cancer – what does that mean?

Mercury enters Cancer – what does that mean?

Mercury, the messenger, enters Cancer, the side-stepper

May 28  – August 5, 2020

Retrograde: June 18 – July 5, 2020

After an all too brief sojourn in its own sign Mercury moves on, into the watery sign of Cancer. In this sign, Mercury is a bit hampered. Mercury stands for the intellectual faculties. He represents the archetypal scientist who follows his childlike curiosity and learns through play and experimentation.

But in Cancer, Mercury employs a much more instinctual mode. He is guided by his gut feeling rather than objectivity. As a result, he easily overreacts to emotionally charged triggers. He finds it hard to keep a cool head and is not comfortable in the mode of rational thought.

He is rather sensitive (or touchy) and hyper-aware of other’s opinions, attitudes, and feelings (real or imagined). The problem is, he doesn’t always get it right, and thus, his reaction can be rather distorted.

Cancer’s primary concern is his comfort zone, the home, and family (including extended family), or in a broader sense, the nation. Mercury here can act irrationally defensive if he is under pressure.

Stress is likely to be experienced as psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches, sleeplessness, or indigestion. Cancer is not the strongest sign for mobilizing a psychological immune response. Coping strategies tend to be in the category of denial and self-defense. Emotionally upsetting content is either denied or deflected by cynicism.

But let’s not be too glum. Mercury in Cancer can also manifest positively. His positive traits lie in his ability to understand the everyday concerns of ordinary people. He has the ability to perceive with the heart and is capable of responding with real empathy. His common sense resonates with those around him.

Mercury turns retrograde from June 18 – July 5, 2020

The fact that Mercury turns retrograde while he passes through Cancer does not make matters easier. As it is, Cancer has a rather indirect style of communication. It is hard to know whether what has been said is what was intended, or if in fact, the things that were not said, will turn out to be the more significant. If you have been experiencing a difficult retrograde Venus transit recently, chances are, things will probably stay a bit lopsided for a while.

However, if you can face the mirror, this can be a good opportunity to undertake some serious introspection. Feel your way down deep inside, to your inner sanctuary, and commune with your source of wisdom. 

If you are in crisis mode, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by searching for someone to blame, or by wallowing in the misery of it all. Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice and focus on the things that you can control, rather than allowing yourself to get upset over the things that you can’t control.

Self-Expression (1. House)

Mercury passing through a Cancer first house is highly sensitive to what he thinks that others might be thinking. He responds emotionally, but authentically, even though his perceptions may be skewed. This can be uncomfortable if his supersensitivity leads to emotional outbursts against imagined enemies (think Don Quixote), or if he shuts down and withdraws into a sulking mode.

Money and Values (2. House)

Passing through the 2. House, Mercury in Cancer is the astrological signature of ‘retail therapy’. Mercury passing through the 2nd house is looking to buy or barter for security and comfort, which he hopes will restore or prop up his emotional equilibrium.

Friends and Kin (3. House)

Get-togethers with close friends and siblings can offer much needed emotional support and nurture. Bonds are re-affirmed and empathic interaction builds a sense of family and solidarity.

Home and Family (4. House)

This is a good time to make some little home improvements to your comfort zone. Whatever makes you feel more cozy, safe, and nurtured, is good. While Mercury is passing through the 4th home and family life might be a bit more lively than usual. Maybe, family visitors are dropping by? Quality family time is an enormous source of strength and resilience in difficult times.

Children and Creativity (5. House)

Mercury passing through this part of the horoscope heralds a great time to engage in creative play with the kids. In Cancer, Mercury has a natural knack of interacting with them on their level. However, it can also be a good time to allow the inner child some playtime. Get creative – maybe through some self-exploratory writing, or biography work.

Work and Health (6. House)

Mercury passing through a Cancer 6th house is likely to be busy taking care of, and nurturing others. Cancerian empathy is a great quality to have, when it comes to helping others. But, under stress, Mercury in Cancer can also be rather snippy. Those, who have been doing a lot of caring for others in recent times, may find that their resilience is taxed to the max. Heed the signs of the body that are trying to tell you that your system is buckling.

Love and Relationships (7. House)

When Mercury passes through this section of the natal horoscope in Cancer, it can be a good time to have some real heart-to-heart conversations. Emotional intelligence and true empathy and authenticity are key to real bonding. However, there is also the danger of overreacting to imaginary threats, or that your loved one picks up the wrong signals. Mercury in Cancer is easily hurt and if that happens, he is off to hide in his shell – or will launch an emotional attack.

Shared resources and power (8. House)

Mercury passing through this house in Cancer brings up questions regarding shared resources and assets. In Cancer, this is likely to be a highly emotional issue. Cancer often clings to the past (including souvenirs and heirlooms) for nostalgia, rather than need. This can lead to very touchy negotiations.

Travel and higher education (9. House)

When Mercury passes through the 9th house there is always an increased appetite for travel. In Cancer, chances are Mercury is looking for a home away from home, or to take his shell with him – for example, in the shape of a camper van. Vacationing in a holiday home is also a good option, under the current circumstances.

Career and status (10. House)

Mercury in a Cancer 10th house can bring out the emotional intelligence and empathy needed to lead others by simply supporting them to do their best. It can, however, also be a very insecure time when one is constantly reacting to shifting moods and emotions. This would likely result in a highly erratic leadership.

If you are considering a change of career, Mercury passing through this part of the horoscope is likely to activate your intuition – which may, or may not give you the best results.

Groups and the social sphere (11. House)

For Cancer in the 11th house, the community, group, or society, acts as a family, and it is very important in the native’s life. When Mercury passes through this segment of the natal chart, it is likely to activate group activities. Group bonding, by working on a common cause, or project fosters a sense of social coherence, mutual care, and belonging.

Transcendence and self-undoing (12. House)

Mercury in the 12. House seems like a natural transit for self-isolation. When Mercury passes through this section of the horoscope, it is a good time to withdraw and to take time out for reflection and introspection. At this time, it can be difficult to talk openly with others and there is a sense of insecurity about voicing sensitive issues. This can lead to conflict due to misunderstanding. If something is important, make the effort to say so.

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