Monthly Astrology Forecast For August 2021

Monthly Astrology Forecast For August 2021

It’s August – summer is almost over! But the astrological drama continues unabated.

August 1 – 7, 2021

Right off the bat, August starts with a hiss. On August 1, Mercury joins the Sun in Leo and both oppose Saturn in Aquarius on August 2. This energy can be used positively as a disciplined and organized approach towards creative self-expression. If that is you, keep it up! The shadow side is inhibition and procrastination. If that is where your head is at, ask yourself what is really blocking you? What are you afraid of? 

Simultaneously, while passing through Taurus, the Moon activates the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square. Some lingering discontent may flare up with emotional gusto, and stubbornness.

Venus, who has recently moved into Virgo, casts a quincunx to Chiron. As mentioned before, Chiron has been prominent throughout the pandemic, mostly in combination with Uranus. Venus is a fast-moving ‘inner’ planet that exerts less of an impact. But we can expect to be critical. Virgo wants to know: Who did what and why? Could things have been handled differently or better? And who is to blame?

There may also be increased research efforts to develop cures instead of concentrating all resources on control and prevention. Many who have recovered from Covid are left to deal with long-term health problems. These, and the mental health crisis that is looming in the shadows of the pandemic, must urgently be addressed.
Chiron is gradually moving to align more closely with Saturn, which reflects this shift in focus. We are now dealing with the aftermath rather than the explosion of acute cases.

Will the virus disappear? It is hard to say. Astrologically speaking, chances are that it will become more manageable, at least concerning acute cases and the number of fatalities. But it’s not as though it will simply vanish. But no matter what, there are a lot of open questions.

On August 3, Mercury trines Chiron, which suggests good news. But it looks as though there may be an immediate controversy: Although Venus trines Uranus, to begin with, this is followed by a square from Mercury on August 4, and then another square from the Sun on August 6.

August 8 – 12, 2021

The New Moon in Leo on August 8 highlights the square to Uranus. Defiance and rebellion gather strength. But Venus opposes Neptune on August 10, poking holes into the foggy narrative and pointing to disparities. She gains support from Mercury, who opposes Jupiter just before changing signs to join her in Virgo on August 11. By that time, Venus will be trining Pluto, gaining impact and power.

August 13 – 18, 2021

The following week, August 13-16, is full of awkwardness and shuffling, seemingly in an attempt to deny, justify actions or fudge the evidence. On August 16, Venus enters Libra, taking on a deliberating stance. Venus in Libra tries to be fair, even when faced with obvious wrongs. She tries to always see both sides of the argument. The mode continues with more awkward aspects, bringing arguments, and bickering over might-have-beens, should-have-beens that never were.

August 19 – 22, 2021

The air begins to clear around August 19, when Mercury conjuncts Mars, clearing the table for a more decisive round of debate. With Mercury and Mars both in Virgo, the gloves are off, and a spade is called a spade.
Some kind of revelation could change our perception on August 20, as the Sun opposes Jupiter and Mercury is casting a trine to Uranus. We are on a roll: on August 22 on the second Full Moon in Aquarius, Mars also trines Uranus, and right after completing the Full Moon opposition, the Sun changes signs and enters Virgo. This will be a busy, eventful and likely surprising time, despite the summer lull.

August 23 – 26, 2021

There is not much let-up after the Full Moon, either. On August 23, Venus trines Saturn, and on August 25, Mercury opposes Neptune. And on August 26, Venus opposes Chiron and Mercury trines Pluto. There is a sense of sobering and facing the facts. It seems as though we may finally get to see some previously hidden details that will change our view of things. There is an attempt to clean the slate.

August 27 – 31, 2021

The final days of August are marked mostly by quincunxes. If revelations have been forthcoming, they need to be integrated, which is not always easy and may cause a certain degree of cognitive dissonance. On August 30, Mercury enters Libra, the sign of justice. We’ll see which way the scales will tip in the weeks ahead. 

Kat Morgenstern

About Kat Morgenstern (AstroCat)

I am an astrologer, life coach, and counselor, writer, thinker, and eco-therapist. Astrology can show us not only where our unique talents lie and how we might best use them. I believe that self-knowledge is the key to fulfilling your life's dreams. I am passionate about helping people to find their unique way through difficult phases of their lives. 

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