Astrological Counselling

Maybe you have a life-long issue that you would like to understand better and find a new way of dealing with it. Or maybe there is a temporary issue in your work or family situation. Or maybe there is something that just doesn’t feel quite right, but you are not sure what it is. You maybe feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Astrological counseling can help clarify the underlying dynamics of such issues and frame them within the context of life-span developments. Astrology can pinpoint the phases of change and growth that come naturally over time but don’t affect all of us in the same way.

Developmental Psychology uses the theoretical framework of life stages, a series of periods each of which has its specific tasks and challenges. It is assumed that each stage must be mastered successfully before the next stage can be tackled. Not mastering the challenges of a particular phase is thought to set one off on a ‘failing’ trajectory. Later challenges arising from subsequent growth periods cannot be mastered successfully if earlier ones have been messed up.

Astrology takes a slightly different view. While it also recognizes phases that are dominated by particular themes or times that are under the influence of a particular planetary drive, it takes a far more differential view to personal development. And, it also takes a more phenomenological view of what constitutes ‘success’. The expectations and norms of society obviously carry a lot of weight. But individuation is the journey we take to find our own path through life and what constitutes success looks very different from the personal perspective than what it looks like from the rigid viewpoint of society.

Astrology recognizes that there specific phases of development each with their specific themes and challenges, but goes far beyond this general pasta view and is able to pinpoint the relevance of several interacting personal cycles.

Astrology recognizes that change is the only constant, that people grow and evolve, not just in terms of their roles within their family and community, but also on their spiritual path. Astrology charts the life-span of an individual as the evolving trajectory of a particular moment in time made manifest in the life of an individual. It offers unique tools to  understanding these evolving patterns and cycles and their manifestations in an individual’s life-time development.

These cycles of growth and transformation are known as transits and progressions. In traditional astrology, they are used to formulate predictions. In psychological astrology, however, they are considered focal times that pinpoint potential opportunities for growth and development, although they are not always easy. Loss or personal crisis can be the harbingers of such periods. The potential for inner growth lies in realizing the freedom we have in choosing how to respond to them.