Astrological Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for football teams or business people. Coaching is for anyone who wants to change some aspect of their lives. IF you keep tripping up on the same issues and can’t see your way around them, or you just know there is more inside you than you are currently able to live and express, coaching can help you focus on your future self and what it takes to get there.

Standard coaching methods work along with the scheme of focalizing your topic or question, brainstorming ideas for possible solutions, taking stock of current resources and analyzing the best possible options. Thereafter it is a matter of trial, evaluate and repeat, if the goal has not been achieved.

Astrological coaching is also resource-based and solution-focused but offers the additional benefit of having the personal horoscope as a blueprint and roadmap. The horoscope reveals the potential strengths and inner resources as well as some of the possible pitfalls or blockages. Thus, it can be far more specific and insightful than regular coaching.

The impulse to change some aspect of one’s life doesn’t come willy-nilly. It is driven by a growing awareness that inner and outer realities don’t match, or motivated by deeply held values and ambitions – astrology can uncover this story underneath.

At the same time it is also important to develop a clear picture of what success would look and feel like – otherwise, how do you know whether you have been successful? Again, astrology can offer valuable insights here, not only regarding the innate potential but also regarding the timing for an intentional period of change and transformation.

Although we each have the same basic psychological framework and the same ‘inner team’ drivers, the specific dynamics between them are as individual as you are – in fact, that is what makes us individual and different from each other. They are unique to each individual horoscope, as no two people are born in exactly the same place and at the same time. While regular coaching gropes at general coaching principles and uses some rudimentary and generalized theories of personality, astrology can nail it.

Astrological life coaching, therefore, is an ideal tool for taking stock of one’s inner resources and pinpointing personal strengths that can be activated to help you achieve your goals.