Kat Morgenstern

Kat Morgenstern

Astrological life coach and counsellor

A long, long time ago, when I first set out on my path at the age of 17, I asked the heavens for guidance – which way should I turn? Where is the path of integrity that can be walked in love and beauty, a path without fear, greed or shame? How can I give meaning to my life? What should I do with my short time on this planet? These questions and the answers I found defined my path. I became an astrologer, life coach, and counselor, writer, thinker, and eco-therapist. It has been a long and convoluted road.

It all starts with self-reflection. I believe that self-knowledge is the key to fulfilling your life’s dreams.

As above, so below, as within, so without – in my astrological counselling practice I also use nature, the cycles of the seasons and the elements to help my clients to reconnect with their inner nature and soul journey. Astrology can show us not only where our unique talents lie and how we might best use them. But also tells us much about our very personal way of seeing the world and our place within it. My purpose and passion are to help people to find themselves and their unique way through difficult phases of their lives. 


Astrology is not an absolute science. It is a symbolic code that depends on human interaction and interpretation in order to decipher its meaning. Interpretations offered on this site should not be regarded as absolute statements or invariable outcomes. General cosmic events may or may not affect you personally, depending on your personal planetary placements and stage and situation in life. Therefore, please do not take general interpretations personally. The stars do not MAKE things happen. They merely reflect what is happening – but how any individual will interpret or respond to any given planetary interaction is up to THEM. Astrology does not deny free-will. Rather, it allows us to understand the issues and powers involved so each individual can choose how to handle them or adjust their actions in order to express them in a way that is unique to them. If you are suffering from specific symptoms or are experiencing serious mental or emotional issues, please consider consulting a medical professional who has your trust.