July 1:

Jupiter in Gemini Semi-square Chiron in Aries

Insecurities related to identity. It may be painful, but it is time for self-reflection, especially regarding communication skills and self-presentation.

In the political arena, open, expansive, and diversity-centred political views are at odds with protectionism and identity politics. 


July 2:

Sun in Cancer Semi-square Uranus in Taurus

Clashes over personal or political values could cause sudden changes or disruptions in domestic life. 

In the greater scheme of things, shocking or unexpected news may shift national policies, especially relating to housing, land, or agriculture.


Mercury in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces

 Mercury and Neptune are in a liminal space, in the 29th degree. Their trine might show sentimental feelings for the way things used to be. 

In politics, nationalistic sentiments are easy to exploit with promises of a new era. In the best scenario, these planets may signify a compassionate response to a humanitarian crisis.


Mercury Enters Leo

Mercury in Leo is confident, assertive, and creative – great transit for creative writing projects or public speaking. Political leaders may also become more vocal and assertive. Expect bold rhetoric and potentially dramatic announcements – some of which are more for the effect than actual follow-through.

Sun in Cancer Square North Node in Aries

This aspect challenges us to balance personal needs with our life path. Align your focus to your life goals and visions.

The dilemma we face politically is that national interests are at odds with the greater vision of a global society. Different political groups at opposite ends of the spectrum are likely to clash.


July 3: 

Venus in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces

This aspect supports close ties and family bonds, particularly regarding caring for older family members. 

  In international affairs, this aspect promotes family and social issues, food, housing and national security.

Mercury in Leo Opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Power struggles may surface, exposing a gulf between the group agenda and personal needs.

 Politically, this aspect shows strong rhetoric as personal power plays. Or it may flare up as exposed secrets and political mud-flinging. 


July 4:

Mercury in Leo Sesquiquadrate Saturn in Pisces

Frustration brews in an atmosphere of restraint and inhibition. We might be uncomfortable with saying what we really think or feel. Make the most of the choices available.

In the political arena, power and diplomatic relations are built on trust, but with this aspect, trust is hard won. Too-good-to-be-true promises do not easily persuade those suffering social injustice. Exaggeration backfires, but downplaying is not the best strategy either.


 July 5: 

Uranus in Taurus Semi-square North Node in Aries

Unexpected events can nudge us towards our destiny, even if reluctantly. Roll with the punches. Resistance makes things worse.

Likewise, in politics, sudden changes in positions of power have a knock-on effect, usually affecting financial markets.

Mars in Taurus Sextile Saturn in Pisces

Despite the upheaval, now is the time to double down on efforts to achieve one’s goals with a practical and disciplined approach. 

In the political arena, recent changes require reassurance. Directing energy and resources towards infrastructure stabilises the economy. 

New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon is a new beginning. The focus is on home, family and security.

Politically, the message of the day centres on domestic policy, and national security. Housing, family welfare, and healthcare are very much on the agenda.


July 6:

Venus in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries

Showing vulnerability in personal relationships can be immensely empowering, but requires courage.

In the geopolitical arena, the aspect could highlight a humanitarian crisis, particularly concerning women, children, food and shelter.


July 7:

Venus in Cancer Semi-square Jupiter in Gemini

Venus in Cancer likes her comfortable nest and may feel irritated by Jupiter’s restless energy. It’s summer. A lot is going on. Avoid overindulgence and pay attention to your self-care needs to maintain a proper balance.

Politically, nationalism is semi-squaring off with an expansionist vision of diversity. Either camp may promise too much. The polarisation makes it more challenging to find common ground. 


July 8: 

Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

This aspect between Uranus and Venus heralds unexpected excitement, and perhaps a willingness to try something new. For some, it could mean a chance encounter that opens unexpected doors. 

Politically, there might be a wind of change regarding social and economic ideas. Unexpected alliances might form.


Mercury in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Gemini

Mercury in Leo Trine North Node in Aries

This aspect pattern is great for learning, teaching, and travel. Make the most of it because it shapes how you see yourself. Believe in yourself and use affirmations to reinforce a positive narrative.

 In the political sphere, an inspiring speech may galvanise support for an action-driven agenda. These aspects could signify a message of hope and confidence. 


July 9:

Jupiter in Gemini Sextile North Node in Aries

Jupiter echoes Mercury’s aspect to the North Node and reinforces its message. Look for opportunities that align with your life’s vision. This is an excellent time to choose a learning path that can help you get to where you want to go in life. 

Politically, this aspect suggests lively debates over long-term visions. 


July 11: 

Sun in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces

A busy day in the stars. The Sun/Saturn combination is not the most enjoyable, but supports getting one’s act together. It may also mean we take on extra responsibilities or caring roles. 

In politics, this aspect highlights domestic concerns. Long-term stability may require sacrifices. The Moon directly opposite Saturn rejects measures of austerity.

Mars in Taurus Semi-sextile Chiron in Aries

Mars in Taurus is physical and practical. The semi-sextile with Chiron in Aries is not strong but picks out an undercurrent of discontent. Whatever comes up is worth paying attention to.

In the social sphere, this aspect could have implications for public health services, either addressing historical grievances or preparing for future emergencies. 


Venus Enters Leo

 Venus passing through the playful and creative sign of Leo is a wonderful backdrop for summer play and romance. But the intense aspects she forms when she gets over the threshold make for a rather dramatic entrée into Leo.

Politically, female leaders benefit most from Venus’ passage through Leo. Charisma is a valuable political currency and cultural and artistic initiatives could receive more focus.


 July 12: 

Mercury in Leo Sesquiquadrate Neptune in Pisces

Mercury’s aspect with Neptune is frustrating and awkward because of misunderstandings. Be clear, avoid assumptions, and don’t promise what you can’t keep.

In the social sphere, this aspect highlights the growing problem of manipulation by misinformation. Clarity and transparency are crucial for a functioning open society.


Venus in Leo Opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Venus opposite Pluto is likely to be dramatic. In personal relationships, prepare for a battle of wills and watch out for manipulators.

In the public arena, there may be an attempt to suppress women’s voices or curtail women’s power.


July 13:

Mars in Taurus Semisquare North Node in Aries

Semi-squares are stumbling stones, creating a sense of irritation or frustration related to pursuing our goals. Be patient and persist despite the obstacles.

Politically, this aspect highlights potential conflicts related to national interests with long-term implications. This is part of the build-up to the Mars/Uranus conjunction, which is likely to produce a much bigger bang.


July 15: 

Venus in Leo Sesquiquadrate Saturn in Pisces

What we want and what we have does not always match reality. Illusions pop. We have to adjust to reality, or change course. Relationships may require some work. The same is true for politics.


Mercury in Leo Quincunx Saturn in Pisces

Mercury is tasked with finding a solution and doing the negotiations. A dilemma, since compromise might mean neither party is satisfied. Sometimes no solution is better than a bad compromise.

In public affairs, there is a discrepancy between official statements and governmental actions. Efforts are needed to bridge the gap between theory and reality. 


Sun in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries

Ouch! Someone pressed a button. Lick the wound but also examine that trigger point. Where does it come from and what does it mean? In the public sphere, diplomatic relations may be frosty thanks to tactless comments. Someone feels left out or stepped on. If we only look to blame something or someone, we will never find a solution.


Mars in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Finally, Mars and Uranus give us their fireworks display. The tense aspects of the previous days culminate in this big bang. Someone is not willing to take it anymore. 

 In the political sphere, it could be a similar scenario. The earlier aspects have shaped a precarious and potentially violent situation. 

Sudden upheavals or revolutionary actions may trigger significant shifts. 

Such transits are rarely summed up as a one-off event but build up slowly. Change is a process. Once things are out in the open, we still have to deal with the aftermath.


July 18: 

Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

This aspect encourages us to try something new, to experiment or do something unexpected. If you want a change in your life, change how you live, your daily habits and routines.

In the public arena, the wind of change is blowing, too, even though it is the beginning of summer and everybody has gone or will go on holiday pretty soon.

Mercury in Leo Trine Chiron in Aries

If you had a rough time in your relationships recently, this aspect helps you regroup, reconcile, or salvage the pieces.

In public diplomacy, reconciliation and negotiations may be constructive, even if they can’t fix everything immediately. 


July 19: 

Sun in Cancer Semi-square Jupiter in Gemini

The semi-square between the Sun and Jupiter is a warning that we might have too much on our plates. Sometimes it is better to withdraw, despite the temptations, so we can nurture ourselves. Balance is key.

In the public sphere, bread and games are an easy distraction, especially during the summer, when no one wants to deal with big, bad issues. 


Venus in Leo Trine North Node in Aries

 Venus in Leo ensures she gets what she needs. She moves decisively towards her destiny, whether in relationships or creative pursuits.

In the social sphere, the arts are an important sector of public life, a forum for shared experiences and greater social cohesion. 

Mercury in Leo Sesquiquadrate North Node in Aries

  But Mercury shows the shadow side. Something else is going on that will not go away just because we put a smile on or play a soundtrack over it. We need to face those uncomfortable truths.

The public is not fooled by the rhetoric and some of it may raise more questions and cause discontent.


 July 20: 

Mars in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces

 Just before leaving Taurus, Mars sextiles Neptune. This aspect signals a change and inspires dreams and visions. Listen to those intuitions.

In politics, diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts on humanitarian grounds may be underway. 

Mars Enters Gemini

Mars in Gemini can be fidgety and unfocused or boost mental energy and curiosity. Be careful not to overload your nervous system. It’s a great time for learning, social gatherings etc. But beware, Mars is competitive and when in Gemini, he can be sharp with words.

In the political arena, this period highlights diplomatic activity, negotiations, and lively debates. And, more than likely, verbal attacks.


July 21:

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in the last degree of Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces and closely conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. The configuration speaks of change, a new era. Don’t buy into fear, but look for the opportunities. 

In the social arena, there is an emphasis on change and accountability. Key issues and policies that will shape the fabric of society for the coming era are on the agenda.


July 22:

Sun Enters Leo

The Sun enters Leo, its favourite sign, boosting confidence, creativity, playfulness and self-expression. It’s the best time of the year to pursue personal passions or have some good old fun.

In the public sphere, the Sun in Leo boosts the cultural and entertainment sectors, and sometimes, leadership.


July 23: 

Sun in Leo Opposite Pluto in Aquarius

As soon as the Sun enters Leo, it opposes Pluto, marking power struggles. Find a balance between personal desires and collective needs.

In public life, there could be high tensions between authorities and the public.

Venus in Leo Sesquiquadrate Neptune in Pisces

Things may not be as happy and romantic as one would wish. Unrealistic expectations may be to blame. 

It is the same in diplomacy. Even if everyone wants the same outcome, there are gains and losses for everyone, some of which may not be acceptable. 


July 25: 

Mercury in Leo Quincunx Neptune in Pisces

Difficult or impossible choices pose a dilemma. Try to get as much information as possible and verify it before deciding anything. 

In the social sphere, we face a similar dilemma made worse by disinformation and fake news.


Mercury Enters Virgo

Mercury in Virgo is great at problem-solving, but also at fault-finding and criticising. Best to keep it busy figuring things out and making plans.


July 26: 

Sun in Leo Sextile Mars in Gemini

Sun in Leo Sesquiquadrate Saturn in Pisces

This dynamic aspect stimulates curiosity and exploration. In the political arena, we may see renewed diplomatic efforts. Challenges may arise, requiring patience and persistence. 


 July 27:

Venus in Leo Quincunx Saturn in Pisces

Venus in Leo wants to have fun, but Saturn in Pisces tries to curb it, reminding us of duties and obligations. The challenge is to fit both under the same hat.

In the public sphere, agendas are clearly at odds and this may become apparent in the economic sector. 

Mercury in Leo Quincunx Pluto in Aquarius

This aspect highlights communication as a potential minefield. Be mindful of power dynamics.


July 30: 

Venus in Leo Trine Chiron in Aries

Venus in Leo Sesquiquadrate North Node in Aries

The trine between Venus and Chiron sets a conciliatory mood, but it may come at a price. Peace at all costs is not sustainable if it compromises core principles or values.

In the political sphere, a ceasefire may bring relief, but it can not bring peace if core issues are not addressed. The key is to balance short-term gains with long-term goals.  


July 31: Sun in Leo Trine North Node in Aries

Happiness and satisfaction are closely linked to a sense of purpose and meaning. This aspect signals a good time to align with that higher purpose. 

In the public sphere, clear vision and leadership skills win the day.