New Moon in Cancer, June 5, 2024

22:57 GMT/ 23:57 BST

The New Moon in Cancer, is an opportunity to connect with our core values, our personal needs and those of the community in which we live. We often drift into automatic response mode, without true awareness of our feelings or what really matters.   

Mars in Taurus Sextiles Saturn in Pisces, and the New Moon

Mars sits at the midpoint of the trine between Saturn in Pisces and Venus and the New Moon in Cancer. This pattern reinforces long-term goals and commitments, fostering a sense of responsibility and maturity.
Mars in Taurus is poised to take practical action. Motivated by need (Saturn) and empathy (New Moon), Mars aims for concrete and measurable results. 


Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus conjunct Mars in Taurus

 But there is another angle, not immediately apparent. Mars is edging closer to Uranus, and Venus is approaching the sextile with Uranus. This adds dynamism to the situation and promises change. Mars has to watch it, though. Its impulsiveness is prone to blunders. We need bold initiative and courage, but let’s not forget common sense.


Venus in Cancer semi-square Jupiter in Gemini

 Venus in Cancer likes to pamper herself and those she loves. Jupiter’s attention is readily caught by flashy trinkets. Be careful not to overspend on trivial stuff. You may regret it later. 


Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter in Gemini, opposite Pluto in Aquarius
and sesquiquadrate Saturn (Retrograde) in Pisces

In Leo, Mercury can be bold, and Jupiter in Mercury’s sign implies tongue-in-cheek audacity.
   But Mercury also opposes Pluto, suggesting power struggles, anger, and perhaps seething vengeance. Self-reflection would be a wiser way to use this energy. Saturn in the mix implies frustration and makes it difficult to be optimistic.  


Venus in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries

   Venus in Cancer is sensitive regarding issues of self-esteem. But the healing comes from within. We need to accept ourselves for who we are and overcome the doom of inadequacy. Self-acceptance is the key to healing that old wound so it can no longer hurt us. 


Jupiter in Gemini semi-square Chiron in Aries

Positive affirmations only go so far. But true confidence grows from facing and mastering challenges. Use affirmations to overcome insecurities, but follow up with action.