New Moon in Gemini

June 6, 2024 – 12:37  (GMT)

The New Moon in Gemini heralds times of light-hearted playtime. The Sun is climbing to its peak, the air is buzzing, and nature is lush. Curious by nature and fascinated by novelty, Gemini is always hungry for mental stimulation. It loves exploring abstract concepts and theories, eats fun facts for breakfast, and never seems to get tired. Gemini is the butterfly of the zodiac. It flits from here to there, sampling everything in its path, and does not dwell on anything.

The shadow side of Gemini is its stretching of the truth. It often simply does not care much about its words. If a different version of events seems more appropriate in other circumstances, so what? Who cares? People don’t remember what from one day to the next, and if you repeat a lie often enough – no matter how blatant – it turns into reality. That is Shadow-Gemini’s theory. One can always pretend to have said things in jest. Gemini is a great joker and frequently says things in jest. It is the great comedian of the zodiac, able to poke fun at things that others deem too sacrosanct to question.
Gemini often makes light of deeply troubling matters. Its humour is its most effective defence strategy.

New Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus, square Saturn in Pisces

Venus is very close to the New Moon in Gemini, embellishing it with charm and flattery. This flirtatious combination simply wants to have fun. Beware that words, even if spoken in jest, can have actual consequences that may or may not be desired. Communication is a two-way process, and every message has at least 4 levels of interpretation. How the message comes across is only partly a matter of intention.

This aspect pattern highlights the conflict between fact and fiction and inhibits the fun and games. Saturn is a reminder of responsibility. It is easy to charm the public with insincere narratives and promises. Voters vote for those who tell them what they want to hear. But there are serious issues at the root of social malaise. Addressing these with platitudes won’t do. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius

Jupiter and Mercury are also in Gemini, trine Pluto in Aquarius. There is a lot of air in this horoscope. Mercury conjunct Jupiter blows things out of all proportion. Inflated with its own ideas, it knows how to use the power of communication for mass manipulation. It can also take a somewhat sinister approach to matters of the law.

Pay attention to what world leaders are saying to see the signature of this aspect pattern. Powerful rhetoric can manipulate minds and emotions or inspire outstanding actions. Yet, words alone won’t do. There has to be accountability.
Another facet of this pattern can be expressed as violence in the face of opposing views. The freedom to openly speak our minds is at risk. Controversial or extremist views are easily exploited and/or ostracised. Finding a balance can be a precarious undertaking.

Chiron conjunct Mars in Aries

Mars is at the tail end of Aries, still forming a wide conjunction with Chiron. This is the signature of anger as a trauma wound. Anger and rage are symptoms of unexpressed pain, which must be dealt with.
Chiron also receives a semi-sextile from Uranus, and Mars semi-sextiles Neptune. There is a transpersonal dimension to this wound expressed as collective anger – perhaps based on fear of identity loss or erosion.

Uranus in Taurus semi-sextile Chiron in Aries

The semi-sextile between Uranus and Chiron is still active, but not so close anymore. We continue to live with the aftermath of the pandemic and with new variants and new virulent threats on the periphery. Yet, our attention is trained on other, more pertinent issues. In hindsight, this aspect is fitting because the public health response has been driven by new technologies, from vaccine development to the Covid tracking app to online consultations. Social life, schooling and work have moved to online conference rooms. We are still there, although the pandemic is out of sight and out of mind, for now.

Mars in Aries semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is a generational aspect, denoting the younger generation’s concern for matters of global significance, especially climate change, which causes upheaval through environmental disasters. Mars’ aspect denotes a potentially highly energised and determined league of environmental defenders. Creative protests are likely to hit the target best. 
This could also signify campaigns for humanitarian causes, possibly with an underlying religious theme. Victimhood can be weaponised extremely effectively. This aspect can also show a hidden energy leak instead of a potential resource.