Welcome to the astrological forecast for October 2020

October starts off with the Full Moon in Aries. Full Moons always take place in the sign opposite to the Sun’s position. October is the month of Libra, associated with balance and harmony. So given the fact that it kicks off with an Aries Full Moon, that may be a bit too optimistic a view to take, in these challenging times. Libra certainly strives for balance, but it does not deliver it decked out in roses. It is a sign that demands justice and ethical standards. And it is willing to make a stand for it – especially with the Moon in Aries championing its cause. Considering the many conflict-laden aspects that October has in store down the road, we can be sure that there will be plenty of excitement. But let’s take a closer look at how the month will unfurl.

On October 2, Venus enters Virgo. In this sign, Venus is rather fussy and perfectionistic – or petty and hairsplitting, pedantic, depending on how you look at it. At any rate, she is highly detail orientated and perfectionistic and that energy will color social interactions. Although Venus is associated with peace and harmony, in Virgo she is looking for the imperfections. In her view, all imperfections must be brought to attention so they can be ironed out smoothly. No crinkles are permitted.

On October 5, Pluto turns direct, thus shifting gear. Who knows what it will be bringing up from its murky underground abode. But before Pluto’s treasure can turn into gold, the shadow must not only be recognized and acknowledged but must also be transformed. Only then can we learn its lessons.

On October 7, Mercury opposes Uranus. This is likely to produce an edgy atmosphere and arguments can easily be sparked. On the plus side, it can also spark creative innovation – outside the box ideas or sudden breakthroughs. 

On October 9, Mars will square Pluto, which is not exactly comforting. Good manners maybe distinctly lacking. Extra care is warranted.

On October 10, Venus trines Uranus, which may bring a surprise. It may be an attempt to demonstrate goodwill (perhaps to smooth over any diplomatic blunders caused by Mars square Pluto), although it should not be taken at face value.

On October 11, the Sun squares Jupiter. This is not necessarily bad. But it may demand a decisive action with implications regarding status, the rule of law, and moral justice. The issue is likely to intensify on October 13 the Sun will be opposite Mars. Pathos may stoke support in the home camp, but is unlikely to convince the other players. This will become evident as Mercury goes retrograde on October 14 and the Sun will square Pluto on October 15. Taken together, this is a highly tense affair in the build up to the New Moon on October 16. The T-square pattern between Sun opposite Mars and square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn reverberates loudly around the zodiac.

The Sun exacts its square with Saturn on October 18, and on the same day Venus exacts its opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which casts some easier aspects (sextile and trines) that may open up a brief window of opportunities, but whether it will be enough to successfully flog a dead horse is doubtful – especially as Mars exacts its square to Uranus on October 19 and Mercury remains retrograde and will be opposing Uranus again on October 20. So, chances are, a backlash will follow, and any agreements made during Mercury retrograde are unlikely to come to fruition, even if they do last for a while. The worm is in the can and eventually it will want to come out!

The intensity of all this is likely to echoe for a bit, even without further reinforcement. On October 22, the Sun enters Scorpio.

It seems like there is a period during the third week of October that allows everybody to catch their breath and get ready for another show down. On October 25 the Sun conjuncts Mercury. A good time to catch up with loose ends and to get organized. Mercury briefly slides back into Libra on October 28, just as Venus enters Libra from the other end of the sign.

The month will end on a ‘Blue Moon’ (second full moon in a month) with the Full Moon in Taurus, conjunction Uranus, giving umph to a powerful opposition between the Sun and Uranus on Halloween.

It seems like much is hanging in the balance at present and October’s impactful aspects will be decisive for some time to come.

As for personal astrology, the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are going to feel these transits most acutely. If there are important conflicts brewing it won’t do much good to try and avoid them. On the other hand, impulsive action or explosion is also not likely to resolve anything. If need be, seek counseling or mediation to help you get through impossible seeming conflicts.