Mercury is Coming Home

Mercury rules Gemini and is more than happy to return to his own domain. Here, Mercury feels light and breezy. He jokes and makes light of things that other signs may find distressing. Joking is a form of self-protection. Mercury’s approach to resilience.

But Mercury’s real strength lies in his adaptability. In Gemini, this means mental adaptability. Getting your head around new ideas or circumstances increasing your chances to get a headstart through innovation. Adaptation is the most important evolutionary asset we have. While some people are particularly proud of their physical strength, it is our inquisitiveness and mental power that enabled a feeble and vulnerable species like our own to get to the top of the food chain – not physical strength! Adaptability implies the capacity for active learning – a process that is very much under the Mercury/Gemini domain.

Mercury in Gemini finds it easy to adapt to different social circles and environments. He sees the world as a stage and each of us as performers in a social play. It’s all a kind of Impro-theatre for him. This can be an extremely useful strategy for the Gemini individual but it may leave others scratching their heads, wondering who he really is. It is hard to tell with Mercury in Gemini and depends much on the circumstances in which you find him.

Gemini is a flighty sign that can be hard to pin down. Although Mercury here is incredibly agile, at times all this mental energy can be overwhelming and exhausting (sometimes for the Mercury individual himself). Without a proper focus to concentrate his mental powers, he can perform unbelievable mental acrobatics. They may be so far out that they lose him his audience, be it because the listeners are just too slow and dim, or because in fact, he himself lost the plot, but failed to notice it.

Mercury in Gemini is interested in everything but may lack the patience to study anything in great detail unless there are other, more earthy anchors in the chart to nail him down. Problem is,  Gemini hates to be nailed down – even to his own words of five minutes ago.

So how may this transiting period of Mercury moving through Gemini, affect you?

Self (Asc/1. house)

With Mercury passing through this section of a horoscope there is a great urge for communication. Mercury here is very open and wants to communicate with everyone he meets. If this is still not possible where you are, due to lockdown rules, make the most of online communications.

Money (2. house)

When Mercury passes through the segment of the horoscope that is concerned with money and value systems, it is a good time to consider and adapt to a changing financial situation. It may be necessary to approach the subject with a fresh mindset and new strategies.

Another way this transit can manifest is in an uncontrollable urge to go on a spending spree.  This is probably not an ideal time to give in to such urges.

Social life (3. house)

Mercury in Gemini in this section of the chart indicates a great desire for social interaction. This impulse will be hard to control even against your own better judgment. At least to everything you can to protect yourself and others even if and when self-isolation measures are being relaxed again.

Home and family (4. house)

Mercury in the house of home and family indicates a great deal of restlessness. If you are going stir-crazy it might be a good idea to change the daily routine and let your inner child out to play.

Work (6. house)

Work communications and networking are enhanced and dynamic under the influence of Mercury passing through this sector of the horoscope. Multitasking is a daily sport. The biggest challenge might be to stay focused.

Love (7. house)

In the house of love, Mercury in Gemini can be quite fickle and flirtatious. There is a great deal of restlessness and Mercury here always thinks he might be missing out on something else. However, if you are dating, it is a good transit for making connections without worrying too much about where it will all lead.

Travel (9. house)

Mercury moving through the house of travel is hard to stop – he is ready to pack his bags in seconds. For the time being, however, he may have to make do with armchair travel, which luckily, also appeals.

Career (10. house)

Mercury in Gemini in this part of the horoscope is great for networking. This is also a good time to be flexible and open. Adaptability is key to success.