After its sojourn in fiery Aries, Mercury moves into earthy Taurus. In this fixed sign, Mercury is less fidgety than usual. In the best-case scenario, he is single-mindedly focused and hard working. Mercury in Taurus tackles issues head-on and with practical application foremost in his mind.

In the worst-case scenario, he can be self-indulgent and lazy. But that is only usually the case if he has not found his deeper motivating cause, the values, and goals that get his engine going. Once he discovers that, he is virtually unstoppable.

Mercury in Taurus is less flexible and not quite as adaptive as some of the other signs. He tends to be a little bit conservative and set in his ways. That is why he has a reputation as being stubborn and opinionated. However, it is more a case of needing intellectual security, which comes with a stable frame of reference that usually as been tried and tested. He does not like mental acrobatics. His thinking is concrete, rather than abstract. That kind of thing makes him feel insecure. He is a pragmatist and rather spends his time thinking about practical matters – and that is where he shines.  He also tends to be a bit conservative. When it comes to finding solutions to every day problems he is more likely to stick with strategies that have worked before instead of trying out new and untested methods. Why change something if it works?

As Mercury makes his way through Taurus, he will first square Saturn on April 28, and then conjunct Uranus on May 1. This is likely to blow the lid off any tensions that have been building up and may throw some things into disarray.

To make the most of this period, tackle some practical stuff and focus on manifestation. It is a good time to figure out how to make things real, ie manifest them in the material world.

Mercury in Taurus – what it might mean for you

To work out how this transit might affect you personally, check which house Taurus occupies in your natal horoscope.

Self (1. house):

When Mercury moves through the first house of a natal horoscope and the Ascendant is in Taurus you might be thinking of changing your physical appearance – maybe you feel inspired to get a new hair-do, change your wardrobe, or get a new tattoo.

Money (2. house):

With Taurus in this section of the horoscope, you have a firm grasp of the value of material things. When Mercury moves through this section of the horoscope there is an opportunity to re-evaluate one’s resources and core values. This could mean restructuring the household budget or figuring out ways to make extra cash or making a deal.

Social life (3. house)

Mercury in Taurus enjoys the company of others when there are things that they can DO together. He is not one for sitting around and endlessly talking about the woes of the world! He is content to spend time with few but very solid, good friends, rather than always seeking out new ones. The current circumstances favor such Taurean interactions, though under this transit they may not always be smooth.

Family (4. house)

Mercury moving through this section of a horoscope is mostly concerned with maintaining a secure base. Mercury there energizes this section of the horoscope and may be useful for making necessary practical adjustments. It suggests more flexibility than usual which may be helpful for mitigating uncertainty.

Work (6. house)

The sixth house is the house of work, co-workers, routines, and health. If Mercury is moving through this section of the horoscope it is a good time to focus on practical matters. Common sense is much needed. Pragmatism can be a powerful antidote to hysteria and anxiety. Mercury in Taurus here can deal with issues that demand practical attention without getting distracted by the things that cannot be altered right now.

Love (7. house)

When Mercury moves through a Taurus seventh house, there is certain restlessness in the realm of the heart. It is spring and what could be more natural than to rejoice in the general love-making of nature. This is a good time to reinforce bonds between lovers but for singles, or insecure relationships it can also mean appetite for sensual diversion.

Travel (9. house)

When Mercury passes through the 9th house there is almost always an appetite for travel. But when the 9th house is ruled by Taurus, that does not have to mean long-distance travel to exotic destinations. Immersive outings into nature will do and can be very restorative for the spirit.

Career (10. house)

As far as career plans are concerned, Mercury moving through this part of the horoscope indicates that one needs to stay flexible and able to adjust to changing circumstances. Maintaining a sense of stability is an exercise in making constant adjustments.