The month starts with quite an emotional outburst as Mars casts a square to Neptune and Venus and the Moon joins Uranus in Taurus. Although Taurus tends to be a stable sign, Uranus by his nature is destabilizing and the fluctuating moon is rather under the influence of this stormy planet.

By February 3, Mercury changes signs and joins Venus and Neptune in Pisces. For those engaged in creative pursuits, especially poetry and writing, watch out for your muse to drop by. In the world of mundane affairs don’t take anything at surface value. Not everything that glitters is gold.

Venus changes signs on Feb 7 and moves into the much more self-assured Aries. To boost this confident mood even further, she immediately forms a trine with the Moon which is moving into Leo on that very day as well. This is likely to be an action-packed and impassioned day. Expect some diva energy.

The Full Moon on February 9 is a bit of a scattered affair. The regrouping of the planetary patterns brings an unsettled latency with plenty of maybe’s and rather few certainties.

Mars leaves the fiery Sagittarius and moves into the much more disciplined Capricorn on February 16. This heralds a time of rolling up one’s sleeves and getting down to business. However, things may not all go as planned as Mercury turns retrograde the following day, on February 17. Instead of charging ahead, this may be more of a time for sorting through unfinished business.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19, which further dilutes Mars’ driving energy.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 23 shows a neat flowing pattern that smells of solutions, even in the face of nagging conflict and Mercury retrograde. Perhaps a bit of Piscean wishy-washy will just sort of blur out any discrepancies or fudge over the details. The pattern is pretty lopsided, so there is bound to be more to it. For the rest of the month, the tensions will rise some more, but eventually, ebb out and harmonize right at the very end of the month.