Partial eclipse Full Moon in Taurus, October 28, 2023, 20:23 GMT

The partial eclipse on this Full Moon in Taurus is the last eclipse of 2023.
A breakthrough, at last. Recent lunations brought much delay, hesitancy, uncertainty, and reckonings with the past. This Full Moon sweeps in different energy.


Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter sextile Saturn
Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury trine Saturn

The Full Moon is well integrated with other elements of the horoscope. Jupiter, although retrograde, is conjunct with the Moon and opposite Mercury and Mars. Nothing works better than intrinsic motivation, the desire to make a meaningful contribution. We seek acknowledgement for our unique way of being in the world and our special gift. We can achieve almost anything if we have a powerful enough ‘why’.

Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio makes for powerful rhetoric, but its fierce, uncompromising tone can touch on the fanatic. It’s one thing to hold strong convictions. It’s another to shove them down other people’s throats. That does not mean we should not take a stance on our values and beliefs. But others have just as much of a right to their views and opinions. Even if we mean well, we shouldn’t force ours on them.

Venus trine Uranus

Venus in Virgo is not as uptight as she pretends. She can be rather provocative when Uranus sparks her fire. In Virgo, Venus has her BS detector cranked up, and in that mode, she is a force to be reckoned with. Discrimination is a valuable tool for sifting through junk, but avoid cynicism or cutting down others. There may be repercussions.