New Moon in Scorpio, November 13, 2023, 9:27 am

Get ready for a supercharged New Moon in Scorpio with shake-up potential.


New Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Mars, opposite Uranus in Taurus

The sizzling conjunction between the Sun, Moon and Mars in Scorpio, directly opposite Uranus, promises some turbulence. There are many levels on which the planetary energies can manifest. You are more likely to feel it personally if it touches planets or angles in the personal horoscope. Lacking personal contacts, they may still be observable in the political turbulence of certain hotspots. Caution is advised for all. Although this aspect pattern will not erupt violently everywhere, the potential exists. The trigger threshold is low. It won’t take much to spark mayhem. There is also a rebellious edge that hints at a pushback. New Moon energy is about new beginnings, but this one starts on a rocky road and may involve burning bridges on the way.


Venus in Libra sextile Mercury in Sagittarius

On the bright side, the sextile between Venus and Mercury brings a lighter, brighter, and more creative touch to the New Moon. It introduces flexibility and ethical awareness and invites us to view an entrenched situation from a new perspective. Yet, Mercury also squares Saturn, suggesting that deeply held beliefs can thwart fresh thinking.


For creatives, this positive influence sparks curiosity. The angle is solution-orientated. Limitations are creative challenges. They force us to push whatever tools we have to their limit and explore the task from every angle. 


Mercury square Lilith

This aspect reminds us to be aware of confirmation bias. We construct our view of the world according to our beliefs and interpret what happens out there accordingly. We subconsciously look for details that confirm rather than challenge our existing beliefs. It is worthwhile to change perspective and see the world from different (opposite) points of view. 

Sun, Moon, Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

The New Moon and Mars form a trine with Neptune. Whatever the Sun, Moon and Mars may pursue, Neptune inspired their mission. Nebulous Neptune has many facets – artistic, spiritual, pretentious, deceptive, and so much more. It is virtually impossible to get a clear grasp. In aspect with the New Moon, Mars, and Uranus, the image of a spiritual warrior comes to mind, especially as the nodal axis falls between Neptune and Uranus.