Full Moon in Scorpio, April 23, 2024

This is the most intense Full Moon of the year, following on the heels of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, on April 21. Mercury has come to a grinding halt and will turn direct within a couple of days.

Full Moon square Pluto

This aspect signals an all-or-nothing kind of challenge. Pluto is not known for its compromising nature. He is rigid and ruthless, an autocrat of sorts. Deep-seated emotions turn into red rags. The Sun in Taurus can be conservative and slow, but it is thorough and can be persistent, too. Perhaps a stalemate forces a breaking point. This aspect can highlight power struggles, particularly in relationships or financial matters, where there may be a need to confront issues of control, manipulation, or abuse of power.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter

Uranus and Jupiter are still closely conjunct. (In case you missed it, read about Jupiter conjunct Uranus here. The way it pans out is hard to pinpoint. The most urgent Jupiter/Uranus issue is to rethink how we live on this planet and how its resources are used, exploited, and distributed. For some, it might manifest as a windfall, but the bigger picture is about changing our relationship with the Earth.

Chiron Venus semi-sextile Uranus Jupiter

This aspect combination encourages us to embrace change and explore innovative solutions to old problems. We may feel inspired to break free from limiting beliefs or outdated structures to pursue our true heart’s desires and aspirations. This aspect pattern suggests a healing potential if we face the wounds of the past.

Chiron conjunct Venus

Chiron’s conjunction with Venus signals a time for profound emotional healing, a need to confront and process past hurts and traumas, which will hopefully bring greater intimacy and connection in our relationships.

Mars conjunct Neptune

There are so many ways this conjunction can manifest. On one level, it can heighten our intuition and sense of spirituality. But it may also signify a spiritual warrior, an evangelising crusader.
Or, it can manifest as creative inspiration and ambition or as visionary impulses. But it can also manifest as self-delusion or confusion. Or, if all else fails, as escapism. You choose.

Saturn semi-sextile North Node and Mercury

Saturn provides a stabilising resource. To stay on track and not be overwhelmed, it’s crucial to establish a basic compass and structure. Mercury is close to the north node and retrograde. We might need to revisit some strategies to better integrate the desires of the head and the heart. The importance lies in the follow-through. A thought without action is just wishful thinking. But the power to shape one’s destiny lies in acting on those ideas.

Mars sextile Jupiter, Uranus

This aspect pattern signifies a willingness to take bold risks and explore unfamiliar territory. It favours creativity, entrepreneurship, and pioneering ideas, especially if they have the potential to bring about positive change and progress.
On the social level, it can signify wind in the sails of a social movement that could potentially not just rock the boat but flip it. The winds of change are blowing, and change may be necessary. But inevitably, it brings instability and insecurity, which may be stressful for some.