Mars is passing through Sagittarius

December 13, 2021 – January 24, 2022


Fiery Mars has brought plenty of disruption while in Scorpio. Now in Sagittarius, everything is all out in the open. The gloves are coming off, but it is better to deal with issues directly and openly than to let them fester.

Sagittarius is honest, decisive and direct, though not always tactful.

Mars believes in his cause and throws himself right at it. This is the kind of energy needed at this time of the year! His boundless optimism and spirited energy help to get things done. But at times, Mars puts too much on his plate and, as a result, may end up frazzled. Luckily, there are not too many challenging aspects to Mars during his stay in Sagittarius.

Mars does not stay in Sagittarius for long. It colours the mood of the times, which is highly spirited. Those with significant planets or angles in Sagittarius or the other mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) are most affected.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mars in Sagittarius, 1. House)

The first house shows the way we present ourselves to others. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is bold, extravert and boisterous. Energy levels and self-confidence are up. Psychologically, this is about believing in yourself and inspiring and motivating others with your optimistic ‘can-do’ attitude.


Money, Values (Mars in Sagittarius, 2. House)

Modesty is not a word that comes to mind when Mars passes through a Sagittarius second house. Mars wants it all, but not necessarily for himself. It is the achievement itself that boosts his sense of self-worth. Psychologically, this is about deciding on what really matters and is worth fighting for – and about sharing the spoils.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mars in Sagittarius, 3. House)

The third house is the sphere of social interaction and cognitive processing. Mars puts a fire under his sibling’s bum, which they may not appreciate. He has to learn that others have different priorities. Psychologically, Mars has to learn to control his temper and take a higher perspective to get the bigger picture. Used positively, Mars can inspire and motivate others instead of sowing strife. Impulsive actions may turn into a jump board for new adventures down the road.


Home and Family (Mars in Sagittarius, 4. House)

The fourth house describes the family home and the sense of belonging. A Mars transit through this house can be unsettling, but not necessarily in a bad way. It throws open the windows of the comfort zone and beckons to explore beyond. This transit often coincides with a need for change. For some it is enough to move the furniture, others want to move house. But psychologically, the transit indicates a need to realign inner and outer space.


Creativity, Children (Mars in Sagittarius, 5. House)

The fifth house is perhaps the most exciting to experience this transit. Sagittarius accepts few limits, and Mars can be a daredevil. This combination can be heaps of fun but is not without risk. In this house, Mars bursts with energy and is hard to keep in check. Competitive sports are a good outlet – better than taking high-risk gambles, while Mars feels like he just can’t lose. Psychologically, this transit reflects a desire to participate in the process of creative co-creation. It indicates the need to make your mark on the world and be admired for it. But, before taking risks, think about your motivation. If you are doing this only to impress others, ask yourself whether it is worth the risk.


Health, Work, Service (Mars in Sagittarius, 6. House)

The sixth house is about the life-work balance. While Mars has plenty of energy to work hard, everyone needs balance in life. Sports offer a good outlet for discharging stress. Fitness training can be highly competitive, and Mars pushes the limit. Unfortunately, he can be accident-prone in this house. Psychologically, this transit is about stress management and optimizing work and play.


Partnership, Relationship (Mars in Sagittarius, 7. House)

The house of relationships is a ready arena to project transits and get others to act them out. Mars highlights conflicts. Before accusing others, take a look at yourself. Psychologically, Mars likely represents a part you do not like. Acknowledge and integrate those rejected parts to gain their power.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mars in Sagittarius, 8. House)

The eighth house is about the way we share ourselves and our resources. Intimacy can be scary as it makes you vulnerable. Sagittarius is rarely afraid but finds it hard to draw or respect boundaries. Transiting Mars emphasizes this push to go beyond the limits. He might find himself on thin ice here, or he might discover a deeper meaning of relationship and intimacy. Psychologically, the transit signifies the need for meaningful, spiritual connections without boundaries. Conflict looms when the partners are not on the same page.


Travel, Study (Mars in Sagittarius, 9. House)

The ninth house corresponds to Sagittarius and is a natural fit. It is the house of consciousness expansion, where we open our minds to different worlds and different ways of seeing things. Transiting Mars is eager to conquer new horizons, but instead of listening and learning from others, he may embark on a crusade. Psychologically, Mars is ready for adventure. Learning and travel can be life-changing if we are open to change and are not just in it for the thrill.


Career, Status (Mars in Sagittarius, 10. House)

The tenth is the house of one’s calling or career (hopefully, they coincide). A Mars transit stirs things up and may present new challenges and opportunities. These may come with a fight over status and position. Psychologically, this Mars transit indicates readiness for a new challenge. Even if none presents itself in the outer world, treat your current position as new to find ways to make it challenging again. Competition and rivalry are high on the agenda.


Community, In-Group (Mars in Sagittarius, 11. House)

The eleventh house is about your tribe, and the values shared among peers. Sagittarius is not a very consistent sign and hates being labelled. He wants to be free to roam and associate with whomever he pleases. A Mars transit may aggravate the itch to switch, or it may reflect tensions within a group as people jostle for position. Psychologically, Mars wants to lead, but with power comes responsibility. It is important to find a balance between personal needs and those of the group.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mars in Sagittarius, 12. House)

The twelfth house is the most spiritual and elusive. Mars is not very happy in this obscure place. But, it offers an opportunity to express his charisma and champion the cause of those who are not in a position to speak up for themselves. Psychologically, transiting Mars may serve a higher cause – or lose himself while surveying countless rabbit holes of temptation.