Sun enters Scorpio
Mysterious Scorpio is perhaps the least understood sign of the zodiac and thus the most feared. Scorpio’s secretive demeanour doesn’t help much. Deep down, Scorpio is highly sensitive. Its defence mannerisms are its means of self-protection. Trust is the biggest Scorpio issue. If others don’t trust you, how can you trust them? Of course, that also works the other way around. Someone has to open up first. Scorpio only reveals itself one layer at a time. Getting close to them is not easy.

Transformation is one of its major themes. The self-aware Scorpio will work on their issues and grow strong by facing their fears, their shadows and rise above them. The highest level of Scorpio is the phoenix who rises from the ashes, the ultimate symbol of resilience and transformation.

Keywords: trust/mistrust, defensiveness, secrecy, mystery, power, control, vulnerability, self-sacrifice, transformation, inner resources, resilience.