From August 16 to September 10, 2021, Venus is passing through Libra

Venus is at home in the sign of Libra. That might seem strange at first, given that Libra is the only sign symbolized by an object rather than an animal or human form.

Libra is an air sign, which implies that it occupies a world of ideas. In Libra, Venus may idealize relationships in an abstract sort of way. The messy day-to-day aspects of relating are tiresome, while ambivalent and nuanced emotional predicaments can scare her. 


Venus in Libra always sees two sides to an argument. That makes it difficult for her to find her red lines. Often, she bends too readily just to make others happy. Such a pattern stems from a need to be liked in the eyes of others. 


In Libra, Venus hates disharmony and strife. She will go out of her way to correct any imbalance and always tries to find a way to keep everybody happy. Of course, ‘win-win’ is always the optimal result, but constructing peace at the expense of personal happiness ultimately serves no one. 

That will only breed resentment, and the same issues are bound to come up time and again. 


Sometimes, Venus in Libra takes the opposite approach. They instinctively sense any imbalance or injustice, try to fix the situation by direct confrontation. This is a manifestation of the Aries end of the spectrum. However, it is a lesson for all Libran types: conflict does not disappear by simply ignoring it. But solutions can be found if problems are addressed directly. Just stick to talking about YOUR experience or feelings instead of laying blame at other people’s feet.


Venus in Libra has a strong sense of aesthetics and looks for beauty in all things. Beauty, and by extension art, make the world more beautiful. Thus, Venus in Libra sometimes tries to compensate for all that is ugly, either by making herself and her surroundings extra beautiful or by committing art at every opportunity. It can be a way to escape a drab, grey, dull, ugly world and make it more bearable.


On the downside, Venus in Libra can be superficial, lazy and distracted by the lure of shiny objects. Oh, and did I mention chocolates? Venus in Libra has a sweet tooth!


As a transit, Venus in Libra brings relationship issues into focus. It is likely to be a social time.


Venus is a fast-moving planet, which means that the effects of this transit will be felt fleetingly. Only if you experience it as direct contact to other planets in your horoscopes is this transit likely to produce a tangible effect.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Libra 1. House):

A great time to make a first impression, regardless of whether you are applying for a job or are just meeting new people. This transit brings a lovely boost to social interactions. 


Money, Values (Venus in Libra 2. House):

In this house, Venus is not opposed to some self-indulgence. A lovely meal, a beautiful object, a bunch of flowers – enjoying beauty and pleasure, isn’t that what life is all about?


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (3. House):

Communications are getting a lift with this transit and should flow easily. Enjoy your social time with friends and siblings, and do not dither about hither or thither.


Home and Family (4. House):

In the domestic sphere of the fourth house, Venus enjoys peace and harmony. If motivated, she might put all her energy into some home decor project.


Creativity, Children (Venus in Libra 5. House):

This transit promises enjoyment and harmonious social interactions. Make time to do the things you love doing, whether it is finding time to read a novel or going to see an exhibition, or enjoying social times with special people. Go for it.


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Libra 6. House):

When Venus visits the sixth house, imbalances in workload distribution can move into focus. Discuss the topic openly without blame. It can be a good time for some (healthy) self-pampering. Avoid the sweets.


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Libra 7. House):

Love is in the air…and even if it is not, interactions with others are under a happy star. Venus has a big heart and can be flirtatious, so it is probably best to avoid overly possessive people.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Libra 8. House):

Agreements and contracts are favoured at this time. However, do take the time to go over the small print. Investments or joined ventures have positive potential if you are open and honest with each other.


Travel, Study (Venus in Libra 9. House):

Romance might be just around the corner or over the seven hills. If you get off the treadmill and expand your normal range, you may find beauty and maybe even love in unfamiliar places.


Career, Status (Venus in Libra 10. House):

A benevolent influence at work or in your career that may help you get ahead. Take a fair and friendly approach in all (work) communications. Relations with others, especially with women, or superiors are under a positive influence. 


Community, In-Group (Venus in Libra 11. House):

This is an ideal transit for group activities. Whether you are off with a group of friends or are involved in some project, interdependent, mutually supportive relationships can move mountains.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Libra 12. House)

A Venus transit passing through the twelfth house might be a good time to retreat from the busy social sphere and explore the depth of inner space, relationships and values. You might enjoy spending time on a retreat, perhaps using creative methods of self-discovery.