Mercury retrograde in Gemini

From May 29 (24° Gemini) to June 22, 2021 (16 Gemini°)

What IS Mercury retrograde?

Mercury, the smallest and fastest moving planet, goes ‘retrograde’ three times a year. ‘Retrograde’ literally means ‘moving backwards’, but of course, the actual physical planets NEVER actually go backwards around the Sun. Rather, they APPEAR to be going backwards from our vantage point on planet Earth.


How does Mercury retrograde manifest?

Mercury rules all things to do with communication, travel, trade, and trickery. Its retrograde periods tend to trigger a lot of vexation and anguish. Some people take it to an extreme and will refuse to do anything of importance during these periods.

During Mercury retrograde periods we can indeed expect mercurial aspects of everyday life to go a bit topsy-turvy: communication chaos and transport delays, (or no flights, due to border shutdowns!), postal services break down or are in disarray, stock markets become volatile, and there may also be some personal problems with email, deliveries, documents getting lost, computers misbehaving or the car developing mysterious symptoms. You get the idea.

In the world of politics, Mercury retrograde may manifest in a stalemate situation, as a diplomatic faux pas, filibuster, or decisions that will have to be revisited later and may ultimately be overturned.

Mercury rules Gemini, an air sign that signifies communication. When Mercury goes retrograde in this sign it can turn a bit shady, or shall we say, ‘inventive’. At this time it is hard to grasp the facts. They become slippery. Mercury is a master at pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Sometimes subtly, sometimes bluntly. But with this transit, it is harder than usual to separate the facts from the fakes.


Mercury retrograde in personal Astrology

How Mercury retrograde will pan out in your personal life, will largely depend on where the sign of Gemini falls in your personal horoscope and whether he makes any significant aspects to other points or planets in your horoscope during the transit. 

 Things may just not quite work out as planned, stuff might go missing, there may be misunderstandings that can create awkward situations. If you are planning anything of importance stay flexible and ready to adapt. Things may change unexpectedly.

Likewise, it is probably a good idea to delay major purchases. If you must sign a contract at this time, make sure to read the small print. 

Occasionally, Mercury retrograde can bring a stroke of luck – although, in the long run, it may turn out not to have been quite the ‘bargain’ you thought to have struck. 


Mercury retrograde is a good time for…

However, Mercury retro periods do not have to turn out badly. These periods are good for taking a break and disconnect, especially from the busy digital world. It is a perfect time for going on a retreat, or at least to exercise some mental hygiene: practice mindfulness, go for walks, wander down memory lane and/or unburden yourself by getting rid of stuff you no longer need.  

While it is not healthy to self-obsess, it is not a bad idea to spend a little time reflecting on your mental processes. Becoming more aware of your communication style and the way you respond to others increases your understanding of yourself.

Mercury retrograde periods can be great times for tidying up loose ends. Catch up with the to-do list, revise or finish off a dangling project, and structure routines so that they actually serve you and your goals better.


Make the most of it!

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay