What are the Sun, Moon and planets up to this month? Find out in the astrological forecast for April 2021

Even though the month starts quite slowly it is poised to gather speed after Easter and continues to build crescendo as we head for the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of the month.

April 1 – 8, 2021

The month starts calmly with no significant astrological happenings until April 4, when Mercury enters Aries. This will liven up communications or spark arguments when hot tempers clash. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Aries it is difficult to see and hear another’s point of view. (Nor is there much willingness to even try.)

April 9 – 12, 2021

On April 9, Mercury will conjunct Chiron (and semi-square Jupiter), while Mars will be squaring Neptune. This is potentially a very awkward situation that is likely to result in misunderstandings, mixed messages or misconstrued facts.

However, the next couple of days, leading up to the New Moon come with a whole clutch of sextiles, suggesting that the air is abuzz with possibility: Mercury sextiles Saturn and the north node, Venus sextiles Jupiter, and the Sun is semi-sextiling Neptune. It seems as though the lively pile-up of planets in Aries may inspire some real action rather than just talk.

New Moon on April 12, 2021

The New Moon in Aries on April 12, looks to add another dimension to this Aries show. As the Moon moves into Aries on April 10, it begins to form a whole series of aspects, one after the other. The speed is beginning to pick up and things are likely to get a lot livelier. The Moon’s aspect series culminates in a square with Pluto on April 12. This is a bit of a harsh landing, but could bring things to a head, or at least out into the open. Venus is also squaring Pluto on that day. There is a sense of stepping up and out of the shadow, owning a wound but no longer accepting victimhood.

April 13 – 19, 2021

Jupiter is casting a sextile to fired up Moon and Venus and the Sun sextiles Mars on April 13th, feeding more oxygen to the flames. These are highly spirited Aries New Moon times!

On April 14th, Venus enters Taurus, which is generally a much more pleasure-orientated, sensual and steadfast sign – fitting for the time of the year. However, the bull is not always docile, even when Venus whispers in his ears.

But to begin with, the energy shifts into a generally optimistic mood when the Sun sextiles Jupiter on April 15th. The Sun’s square to Pluto on April 16, may cast a little shadow on an otherwise mostly optimistic period. But not for long. The upbeat mode continues as openness and optimism prevail.

On April 17, the mood turns even more buoyant as Mars trines Jupiter, and Mercury sextiles both, Jupiter and Mars. This is a great time to make plans for the future and to take the first steps towards realizing them.

However, at this moment of high-flying optimism, reality kicks in and the difficulties and challenges become apparent. Mercury casts a square to Pluto, hitting the first bump in the road. The next day, on April 18, Mars quincunxes Pluto, bringing into awareness the fact that overcoming obstacles and challenges often demands a compromise if a solution is to be found. Both sides of an argument must be heard.

On the very next day, on April 19, there is movement as Mercury conjuncts the Sun, and together they enter Taurus. Although the fiery energy of all those Aries-dominated aspects will subside, peace and calm are not on the cards for the rest of the month.

April 20 – 30, 2021

Venus conjuncts Uranus on April 23, and begins to build its square with Saturn. The stage is set for a bit of a showdown. Venus in Taurus can be stubborn and in combination with Uranus, she is not beyond walking out of what appears to be a restrictive or stuck situation.

Also on April 23, Mars enters Cancer. Although Astrologers often speak of Cancer’s protective armour, truth be told, it that can be as fragile as an eggshell. Mars in Cancer can be super sensitive and highly defensive when threatened.

Mercury joins the party on April 24, when it too conjuncts Uranus. This certainly looks to be a lively period. Be ready for surprises, especially if you have personal planets in the 10-12° range of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). And there is no let-up. The momentum continues to mount in the build-up to the Full Moon.
April 25 looks like a day of reckoning as Venus and Mercury join forces and square Saturn. Remember that they are also still very close to Uranus, even though they have moved on a couple of degrees.

Full Moon on April 27

The Full Moon on April 27, sets the Moon in opposition to that tense bulk of planets in Taurus while forming a T-square with Saturn. At the same time, a double quincunx is shaping up with the Moon at the apex. The solution to the uproar is likely to be of a scorpionic nature. Whether you take that to mean ‘abysmal’, or ‘transformational’ is up to you. But either way, it is likely to be soul-searching. Ask yourself what really matters to you, and what you are trying to achieve in the current situation. That would be a good starting point. Remember that it is best to face up to difficult issues instead of trying to denying or ignore them.
Pluto is turning retrograde on the day of the Full Moon. That would make a good starting point for some introspection.

The lively month ends with an exclamation mark when Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 30, keeping us on our toes.