The Month Ahead: March 2021

The astrological signs of the times indicate that March is going to be a pretty mixed month, as far as the ‘astrological weather’ is concerned. 

Spring is in the air! We’ve gone through the dark times and now, nature awakens and everything is rearing to grow. But what is happening in the stars? Let’s take a closer look:

Astrological Overview

At the beginning of March, the astrological ‘weather’ seems relatively calm. The square between Saturn and Uranus is beginning to weaken, although its influence lingers, and will ebb and swell throughout the year. Neptune, who is sitting roughly at the midpoint between these two planets, serves as an indicator of the psychological toll of this aspect pattern: restriction of personal freedom, the tension in the personal and in the political sphere, and between different factions, the sense of loss, and loneliness… It indicates a sense of weakening resistance, of resignation, of feeling drained, anxious, and depressed. This may not be true for everybody, but it is a widespread feeling, and those who are directly affected by this Saturn/Uranus square are likely to feel it more powerfully than others.

The personal planets are mostly concentrated in Aquarius (Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn) and Pisces (Sun, Venus). Mars is about to move into Gemini, getting more restless, and likely, more careless.

Uranus and Chiron have again locked more tightly into the semi-sextile pattern that they were holding last year.

Astrological happenings, week-by-week

March 1-7, 2021

The month starts with a trine between Mars and Pluto on March 1, which is a kind of ‘turbo-charged superdrive’ energy that can be put towards achieving a goal. However, it has a bit of a ruthless undertone. Mars and Pluto are not terribly considerate and are more likely to simply bulldoze anything or anybody that stands in their way. This kind of energy can lead to burnout, not to mention conflict with others. 

On March 4, Mars moves into the fidgety sign of Gemini. In this airy sign of the twins, Mars is not just physically restless, but can also be a bit sharp with carelessly uttered words. Whether he means them or not, words have consequences. Good advice here is, think before you speak.

On the very next day, on March 5Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. These two planets have already been in close contact for a while. They were conjunct while Mercury was retrograde, in the middle of February. The constellation is great for making plans – the possibilities seem limitless – at least in the abstract.

March 8-14, 2021

The second week of March is a little trickier to navigate as the influence of the Pisces planets increases. On March 10/11, the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and Venus isn’t far behind. This is a powerful time for those involved in spiritual, or creative work. But the shadow side of Neptune also lurks. The shadow side is called ‘delusion’. Emotions are easily stirred and those susceptible to the Pisces influence are likely to get overwhelmed, or seduced by tall tales. Gullibility is the keyword to watch out for. But since this constellation is in uneasy aspect to the Aquarian planets and also to Mars in Gemini and the nodes, there is potential for conflict regarding beliefs, worldview, and value systems. Just believing in something does not make it so.

On March 13, the New Moon will have joined the Sun in Pisces, adding water to the emotional side of things. It is a bit of a dead-pan New Moon with few really pertinent aspects, except for a conglomeration of planets in Pisces. Murky waters! It is easy to get swamped by emotions. The best way to handle it is to try and take a higher perspective, and to let your actions be guided by what is best for everybody, but without losing sight of your own needs! With all those Pisces planets it is easy to put yourself into someone else’s shoes. Compassion and empathy are likely to be better ways to solve an issue, or to gain respect than any rational argument – nobody is listening to reason, here. This is further underlined by the fact that the Sun is at the midpoint between Uranus and Saturn from March 13-15 and Venus is conjunct Neptune on March 14. This smells of deception, or the realization that one has been living in a fantasy world – a sense of popping illusions. A test of resilience. Focus on your inner, outer and social resources to get you through this challenging time.

March 15 – 21, 2021

By the third week of March, things are getting increasingly complex. On March 15, March enters the Piscean waters – which does not necessarily provide more clarity, although it might offer some insights. Venus, traveling so close to the Sun follows in its steps and repeats the midpoint pattern (Uranus/Saturn) on March 16 and 17. Considering the build up, this may indicate tension and conflict that may lead to separation. (Especially if that transiting Saturn/Uranus square directly impacts the natal horoscope).

The Sun enters Aries on March 20, and the Spring Equinox rings in the astrological ‘New Year’. This should add a little fiery spirit and things will get done. Venus is following the Sun hard on its heels and will enter Aries on March 21. There is a sense of relief to be released from the emotional quagmire of the recent past. In Aries, Venus feels a whole lot stronger and more independent.

March 22 – 28, 2021

The fourth week of March is where things are getting awkward. Initially, it all seems quite promising. Mars trines Saturn, while also being quite close to the north node. This can be a good aspect for joint efforts, and working things out. On March 23, Mercury adds to that vibe with a semi-sextile to Saturn. But there are also a few challenging aspects that are forming at the same time which make the effort a lot grittier than expected. Mars forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto (March 23), which suggests that there is an uneven distribution of power that is likely to lead to conflict. At the same time, Mercury also forms a semi-square with Pluto, indicating that there is little room (or willingness) for compromise – especially as Mercury moves on to form a square, first with Mars, then the nodes on March 24 and March 25.

Despite this friction, there is a chance that the conflict will be resolved. On March 26, Venus conjuncts the Sun, and Mars, now exactly conjunct the north node trines Saturn (not exactly, but close enough to have a powerful effect on the overall scheme of things).

On March 27, Venus and the Sun together form a semi-square with Jupiter, so chances are that the solution is not exactly perfect and in conflict with the original vision, hope, or aspiration.

The Moon will be full, in Libra on March 28, and forming a very significant aspect pattern known as a kite. The Moon is opposite the Sun, Chiron and Venus, all at 8 degrees. There is also a semi-sextile from Uranus (also at 8 degrees) to this cluster and a quincunx to the Moon. But more significantly, the Full Moon forms the axis of the kite, with Mars conjunct the north node, and Saturn as the other corners of the trines/sextiles that form this pattern. This could be quite a milestone and holds a lot of promise for healing, which can be achieved if all cards are on the table and there is a joint effort for resolution. Authenticity and fearless confrontation are what is called for, but without swinging the battle axe. Conflict resolution is never conflict avoidance. We have to meet the challenge head-on but in a win-win spirit, if we want to get the best solution for everyone concerned.

March 29 – 31, 2021

The Sun exacts its conjunction with Chiron on March 29, just continuing the Full Moon pattern. The sense of unleashed creative potential becomes even more strongly apparent when Mercury conjuncts Neptune, and Venus sextile Saturn. These are great aspects for artists waiting for a kiss from their muse. There is a hopeful, idealistic spirit, which nevertheless is grounded in reality. The topsy-turvy month ends on a positive note, with the Sun sextiling Saturn, placing the focus on the positive potential.