Mars is passing through Taurus from January 6 to March 4, 2021.

For almost six months Mars has been romping through Aries, raving, and ranting as he went. Six months is an unusually long time for Mars to stay in one sign. The reason for this prolonged sojourn was that Mars went retrograde without entering another sign. Thus he went almost all the way to the end of Aries, (to 28°) before back-tracking to 15° and then finally moving forward and completing is trip through his own home ground. During the course of this rampage, he triggered the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction more than once.

Mars/Uranus square Saturn/Jupiter

Jupiter and Saturn have recently moved on, forming a spectacular conjunction in Aquarius on December 21. Now, Mars is changing signs and is entering Taurus, so, his dance with Jupiter and Saturn is not over yet. Far from it – it intensifies, as he joins Uranus in conjunction, which is potentially explosive.


Once these squares have passed, we can expect a more settled, steady, and determined demeanor from Mars. In Taurus, Mars does not waver.  He may not be the quickest to reach a decision, but once he has determined a course of action, he will stick with it. In some cases, read that as  ‘steamrolling’. His determination is legendary. But there is a fine line (which Mars in Taurus finds it hard to distinguish) between stubbornness and obstinacy.

Steady wins the race

Nevertheless, this is good energy for getting things done, for completing tasks, and for hanging in there when things get tough. Mars in Taurus is very practical. He doesn’t just fume about things and he is much less impulsive than in most other signs. His motto is: ‘steady wins the race’. Endurance is the name of the game. Slowly but consistently he works towards his long-term goals.

Self-Presentation, Persona (1. House)

When Mars is moving through a Taurus first house it is a good time to get more active. Mars wants to make an impression and strut his stuff. But, be careful not to steamroll your admirers in the process.

Money, Values (2. House)

Mars transiting through a Taurus second house may bring up issues around your sense of material security. Or, you may feel a need to defend your values. You may feel energized to pursue money matters as a personal battle.

Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (3. House)

With Mars visiting a Taurus third house, there is a sense of restlessness and agitation in everyday affairs and communication. You may feel more argumentative than usual and stubbornly defend your opinions.

Home and Family (4. House)

A positive way to use a Mars transit through a Taurus fourth house would be to spend time on ‘home-making’, or building jobs. A less productive way to express it would be to act so impulsively in your home-sphere so as to annoy those you live with, causing battles and strife.

Creativity, Children (5. House)

In this house of self-expression Mars wants to assert himself and his passions. In Taurus, he is sensual, playful, and enjoys physical activities, especially ones of a competitive nature.

Health, Work, Service (6. House)

A Mars transit through the sixth house is always highly charged and full of ‘can do’ energy. Taurus is particularly tenacious and enduring. However, there is a danger of taking on too much. Make sure not to neglect your physical well-being and creature comforts.

Partnership, Relationship (7. House)

In a Taurus seventh house, Mars highlights issues surrounding the give and take in our transactions and relationships. Mars is likely to stubbornly defend his ground, even if it means disturbing the status quo. Pick your battles wisely.

Shared Assets, Inner Resources (8. House)

A Mars transit through a Taurus eighth house may stir an inner process that beckons you to examine your ontological sense of self-worth and security. Taurus in this segment of the chart is generally quite stable, but when material resources become scarce it can feel like an existential threat.

Travel, Study (9. House)

A Mars transit through the 9th house tends to be quite restless. Mars needs an outlet for his energy! In this house it would be beneficial to take up an intellectually challenging task rather than starting doctrinal arguments.

Career, Status (10. House)

Mars transiting the tenth house signifies a highly ambitious spirit. But, of course, he wants to do it HIS way. If you are working independently you can achieve much under this transit’s tireless energy. But if you have to co-operate with others, or answer to a boss you may find it difficult to comply with their ideas.

Community, In-Group (11. House)

The eleventh house is the field of group experiences and activities. This transit is best used by championing a group cause. But don’t let the ego take. Refrain from forcing your vision onto everybody else! The eleventh house is all about co-operation.

Spirituality, Transcendence (12. House)

A Mars transit through the twelfth house can be quite difficult no matter what sign it is passing through. Mars wants to act out its energy, but in this house, we are dealing with an inner dimension. Unexpressed Mars energy can be a source of frustration and passive-aggressiveness.  Moreover, Taurus is a physical, earthy sign. There is a danger of over-indulgence. A more positive way to use the transit is to offer Mars’ boundless energy in service to a charitable cause. It can also be a good transit for spiritual warriors.