Full Moon in Gemini – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

November 30, 2020, 9:32 UTC

Sun opposite Moon (Full Moon) quincunx Uranus

The Full Moon in Gemini usually heralds quite a gregarious time, bring on the Christmas cheer with parties and beer. This year’s Full Moon seems a bit less chipper. The Full Moon takes place at 8° Gemini/Sagittarius and the only close aspect to the axis is Uranus, who will be forming a quincunx with the Sun.

This is significant in so far as Uranus was in the spotlight a few days before this Full Moon, on Friday, 27th, when it was conjunct the Moon, and both of them were opposing Venus.

This is the kind of aspect pattern that brings turmoil to relationships, whether personal or political. Venus is in Scorpio, which is not a placement to be trifled with. It could backfire, with a vengeance. Trust, jealousy, betrayal, and obsession are all ‘hotkey’ issues for Venus in Scorpio.

Now that the Sun is forming a quincunx to Uranus, there may be awkward aftereffects regarding whatever went down last week.  And of course, the Full Moon comes as a penumbral Eclipse, and Venus is forming a quincunx with the Moon. (Slightly wide orbs for an event chart, but the flavor will still be hanging in the air. The Moon moves fast and the aspect will be exact just a few hours after the Full Moon). It seems like there could be quite a vindictive agenda at work.

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Saturn

Mercury is sextiling Jupiter and Saturn. This not a hugely significant aspect, except for the fact that Mercury rules Gemini, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the signs of the Full Moon, while Saturn is in his own sign. This looks like a transitioning period, from one way of doing things to another. Something is coming to an end, but the change appears to be welcome.

Lunar Nodes square Neptune

This aspect pattern looks like it may muddy the social waters. unrealistic expectations, delusions, disappointment, or secret strategies may undermine trust and cooperation.

North Node sextile Mars, South Node trine Mars

It is easy to fall back on the usual, automatic fight or flight responses. But it would be far more constructive to find a cooperative solution.

Bottom Line:

Something is coming to an end, perhaps abruptly. Nevertheless, letting go may be easier than expected. However, some secret scheming may produce disappointment and undermine trust. Falling back on automatic defense mechanisms may be an easy option, but working out a cooperative solution would benefit both sides.