Welcome to the astrological forecast for the month ahead: November 2020

What’s happening in the stars this month? A big shift in energies is on the way, as several planets are turning direct again.

November begins with a Mercury /Saturn square exacting on the first of the month. This was already in operation at the Full Moon. New restrictions of movement are in place in many parts of the world. Not everybody is happy about it, and many are venting their frustrations.

At the same time, Venus is opposite Chiron which indicates that health is a matter of personal responsibility for the good of all – we need to strengthen our solidarity and proceed with love and care for each other.

On November 3, Mercury is turning direct, finally! However, on this momentous day, it is stationary – chances are, we won’t be much wiser by the end of the day and things may hang in the balance for some time before the cookie crumbles one way or the other.

On November 6, Mercury will be squaring Saturn again. This is not an easy time for negotiations. But squares are actionable aspects. Decisions made on this day carry some weight and mean commitment.

On November 9, Venus and Mars oppose each other. Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes love is extra hot when making up after an argument. But the pull in different directions comes first. Both planets are in their own signs, but Mars is still retrograde, so my vote goes to Venus winning the day.

On November 10, Mercury changes signs and returns to Scorpio. In this sign, Mercury has a detective’s instinct and relentlessly searches under every bit of carpet and in every closet for hidden facts and dirty secrets.

On November 12, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto, for the last time in this cycle. Chances are we are not going to miss the display of bombastic gesturing. Will it have any long term effects? It may, for example in the form of international allegiances, or expansionistic strategies.

On November 14, Mars turns direct, at last! Things can now take a more direct and goal-orientated turn instead of back-sliding, and u-turning down a slippery slope. This happens on the eve before the New Moon on November 15, which sextiles Jupiter, so amplifying his power. But Venus squares both Jupiter and Pluto, which indicates a challenge to their power, perhaps levied by women. (Or a woman). On the same day, Mercury is also opposite Uranus, which suggests a stand-off, or argument that may take an unexpected or abrupt turn. Altogether the New Moon seems to be brewing up a perfect storm.

On November 19, Venus squares Saturn, which suggests that the law is called upon to decide.

On November 21, Venus enters Scorpio, where she is in ‘fall’. What that means is that her natural flair for kindness, love, and understanding has an undercurrent of suspicion, mistrust, and vindictiveness. In Scorpio, Venus smells a rat in the most innocent gestures. And yet, she is incredibly enigmatic and irresistible in this sign.

Also on November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, which should ease ‘the vibes’ a bit. On November 27, Venus opposes Uranus – always good for a surprise!

On November 29, Neptune finally turns direct – whatever help that will be, but it will swing the mood a bit. Neptune, of course, still resides in Pisces. This could indicate the beginning of the turning of the tide as regards the pandemic. Wouldn’t that be nice!

The month ends with the Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini, which for once looks far less troubled and tumultuous than the Full and New Moons of recent months – although Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are still conjunct in Capricorn, they are in sextile with Mercury, and that’s about it, so, chances are, progress is being made. Phew!