Saturn turns direct


The end of an era, and the beginning of a new one

Finally, Saturn moves forward again and prepares to make its final strides through the last 5 degrees of Capricorn, before entering Aquarius for good (or rather, for the next 2.5 years). When that happens we will see the start of a whole new era. Not only is Saturn changing signs, but virtually as soon as it changes signs it will inaugurate a new Saturn/Jupiter cycle as the two planets conjunct. So, interestingly, this next Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, which will take place on the winter solstice (the rebirth of the Sun, in mythology) at 0° Aquarius and it will simultaneously be the last Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of the current cycle and the first one of the new air cycle. The next Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions will take place in Libra, in 2040, and the one after that in Gemini, in 2060.

Time waits for no-one

So, it is well and truly time to shift gear. and to get all your foundational stuff in place for the beginning of a new cycle.  But, I am jumping ahead of time.

Right now, Saturn’s turning direct will be marked by a square from retrograde Mars, which complicates matters. Saturn is taking charge, but the horses are pulling in opposite directions. Difficult decisions have to be made. Saturn is ready to move on, but Mars is still retrograde. Thus, we can expect obstruction and evasion in an effort to avoid having to act. But non-action is also an action, however, it might not bring about the desired results.

At any rate, the wheel is set into motion and no matter how obstinate Mars will behave, the game is over and time is moving on.