August 7 – September 6, 2020

Venus, the Goddess of Love moves into the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer. It seems like a natural sort of place for Venus, who was born from the sea-mist. She is certainly in tune with her feelings and deeply cares for those she loves. But she has a strong need to be loved, which can make her feel vulnerable, needy, and touchy.  Thus, this transit does not necessarily always translate into perfect romance and gooey, touchy-feely happiness. It is much more complicated than that.

This transit brings the intuitive and empathic dimension into the forefront, which can be a good thing for all kinds of interactions. As long as both parties stay sensitive to each other’s feelings and attuned to what isn’t being said.

Venus loves her comforts and delights in beauty and aesthetics. In the sign of Cancer, she is house proud in ‘my home is my castle’ kind of way and she enjoys making her space more comfortable, homey, cozy, pleasant with her special touch. She also likes to pamper herself and her chosen ones.

Venus in Cancer thinks and responds from her heart, which is touching, but rarely rational. She also often has an interest in the past, whether it be family roots or local history or archeology. Under this transit pay attention to other people’s sensitivities and you will be fine. 

Self-Presentation, Persona (1. House)

Venus moving through the 1. House in Cancer makes it easier for introverts to be more open to others and to make new friends. Venus in this position in the chart is pleasure-orientated and delights in a little pampering.

Money, Values (2. House)

The 2. House is Venus’ natural domain. In Cancer, she cares about family values and is likely to spend money on treating herself and her family, or on beautifying her home.

Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (3. House)

When Venus is transiting through the 3. House, it is a good time to socialize with friends and kin. Such gatherings are under an amiable, kind, and caring star. It is also a good placement for wandering down memory lane.

Home and Family (4. House)

Venus moving through the 4. House heralds a harmonious time at home, or with (extended) family. Venus delights in all kinds of pleasures but despises disharmony.

Creativity, Children (5. House)

In the 5. House, Venus enjoys being with children and is likely to spoil them. If there are no kids to spoil she is happy to play with her own inner child and have herself some fun.

Health, Work, Service (6. House)

When Venus moves through a Cancer 6. House, it is a good opportunity to give the body some TLC. Think nurture, rather than pampering. It is also a good time to bond with your co-workers. Pets will love the extra attention they are likely to receive under this transit.

Partnership, Relationship (7. House)

With the passage of Venus through the 7. House in Cancer you may be looking for someone to love and to nurture. But be careful, with this transit there is a need to be needed, which may attract users. But because Venus tends to see things in a positive light you are not likely to notice while Venus is in this sign.

Shared Assets, Inner Resources (8. House)

When Venus passes through this house in Cancer you may feel an increased need for intimacy and closeness. It can be a good time for psychological introspection, and to look at the past in a forgiving and self-accepting way.

Travel, Study (9. House)

Venus in Cancer in the 9. House is not the keenest traveler, lest she can be sure to have all her creature comforts at her access. It is a good transit for going on a retreat, or similar, where she can explore inner space. It can also indicate an itch for a holiday flirt.

Career, Status (10.House)

In the 10. House, Venus in Cancer can be quite sensitive, both regarding the needs of others as well as to any criticism from others. It depends on how secure the individual is, both within themselves, and their social status.

Community, In-Group (11. House)

When Venus moves through a Cancer 11. House, it is a good time for group activities. Being active in a group generates a sense of family and belonging.  It is an excellent transit for networking.

Spirituality, Transcendence (12. House)

Venus through the 12. House shows her self-less side. This is a charismatic and charitable transit that is excellent when caring for others who are in need.