New Moon in Cancer 17:33 UTC

This New Moon is special:  This is the second New Moon in Cancer. Normally, there is only one New Moon and one Full Moon in each sign. The previous New Moon took place at 0° Cancer. Since the Moon moves around the Zodiac in about 28 1/2 days, and the Sun takes 30 days to pass through each sign, there is a unique overlap. It is like a kind of time window or cosmic wormhole. What’s more, it is taking place in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer.

New Moon opposite Saturn

This second New Moon is taking place right at the tail end of Cancer, at 28°. This happens to be right opposite to Saturn’s current position in Capricorn. The theme highlights everything that we have been going through recently: We are revisiting the past, purging some of the old demons that are lurking in murky corners. Or we are in denial and struggling to hold on to something that needs to change.

The sign of Cancer connects us to our feelings. With the New Moon being opposite to Saturn those feelings highlight our vulnerabilities and insecurities. There may be a sense of nostalgia, loss, or loneliness.

We have to clear the pond so that the spring may flow. Holding on to negative emotions, grudges, fears, and insecurities only make the waters even murkier. In order for a new and hopefully, higher state of consciousness to emerge, we must learn to trust. Even though there is no guarantee that ‘things will be okay’.

In the global sphere, we have to face the conflict that is tearing apart our social fabric: the fear-based instinct towards isolationism, patriotism, and populism. The struggle between exercising greater control, vs acknowledging and reckoning with the past. The changes that are taking place will inevitably reconstitute the inner structures of the social order. What to preserve, what to reform, what to throw out for good – these are the questions we have to grapple with, as we struggle to find a new social balance.

As regards personal astrology, those who have direct contacts to this degree (28° in any of the cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra) are feeling its effects most acutely. There may be a sense of loneliness and separation, or of dissatisfaction because emotional needs are not being met. It is a good time to think about how to address the balance between one’s personal needs and our duty or obligation to fulfill other people’s expectations. Ideally, we should be true to our authentic selves and meet our own emotional needs while also being considerate of others. There needs to be a healthy balance of ‘give and take’. Self-sacrifice is not the solution.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto retrograde sextile Neptune

Jupiter and Pluto are also in the vicinity of this degree but are moving retrograde. This suggests a sense of evasion, a refusal to face the facts. In the political sphere, it could indicate an evasion of justice or a violation of the moral code. Neptune sextile Jupiter may gloss over anything. It is a kind of cosmic smoke machine.

Seen in a more positive light, these patterns could also suggest a search for a new moral code. New ideals are needed to complete the transformational work that is currently underway. We need to re-examine the values and beliefs of the past that have created the situation in which we now find ourselves. We can change our reality if we collectively choose to envision it differently.

Venus sextile Mars / Chiron square Mercury

Venus sextile Mars offers an opportunity to establish a connection on a diplomatic level. But Mercury sextiles Uranus, and squares Chiron. It also makes a slightly wider square to Mars. Mercury revels in pulling a ‘fast one’ and leaving everybody shocked and speechless. Especially in combination with Uranus, he can show himself as a provocateur. Any Mars/Venus diplomacy can thus quickly be undone by some outrageous act, (accidental or intended), or by denial or insincerity.


This is a moral moment, a chance to reconcile with the past, and to envision a new, more caring world.