Mercury is going DIRECT!

We have all been waiting for this day! Mercury has thrown all kinds of spanners into the works during the last 3 weeks, since it went retrograde on June 18. It has been a good time to catch up with things – if you did not let yourself get too distracted by all the other nonsense that is flying around. Negotiations may have stalled, but hopefully, now we are clearer as to what direction to take as we are getting ready to move forward.

Mercury has stayed in Cancer the whole time while he was going retrograde. In this sign he can be rather irrational and emotional, trusting instinct over logic. While intuition is a valuable gift, it can sometimes mislead us and prompt us to make bad decisions.

Now, that Mercury resumes his ‘normal business’ it is time to turn plans into action. Hopefully, you are ready for it!

Mercury is back at 5° of Cancer, so it has a little ways to go before it enters Leo, on August 5.

To remind yourself what Mercury in Cancer is all about, take a look at this earlier post: Mercury enters Cancer.

But Chiron is turning RETROGRADE.

Since the beginning of the year, Chiron has been in a tight semisextile pattern with Uranus. His turning retrograde is signaling a loosening of that aspect. It will remain retrograde until December 15,  just around the time of the final Jupiter/Saturn conjunction when Saturn will be changing signs, and move on into Aquarius.

Considering that we are in the midst of a pandemic, which has caused major disruption all around the world, the coming 6 months will be crucial for the eventual outcome of this global disaster. It is a time to review and learn from the earlier experiences, draw consequences, and hopefully, come out of this retro period wiser and stronger.

However, the way things are shaping up at present, it looks as though any positive achievement that has been gained from the lockdown is beginning to unravel as places are opening up again, people are desperate to go on holiday and to re-establish a sense of normalcy.

By definition, the nature of a crisis is always disruptive. The question is how well we can adapt to the changes that are taking place and whether we are willing to learn from our experiences – mistakes included. Adaptation to changing circumstances is the fundamental cornerstone of resilience. We need to focus on building resilience and on learn to adapt, both in our own personal lives and on the global, social level.