Tidying up loose ends

This Full Moon in Capricorn comes as another penumbral eclipse. The Moon joins the mega conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter by midnight, highlighting all the issues that are brewing under that umbrella at present. The majority of planets, including the Moon, are in earth signs on this Full Moon, but three of them, the most significant ones, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, are in retrograde motion. This suggests a need to face reality, review, and evaluate the developments that have taken place, since the beginning of the year (Saturn Pluto conjunction) and more broadly since Saturn has been going through Capricorn (end of 2017). What we are witnessing is more than a simple shuffle. This is a final effort to tidy up any loose ends before things can really shift and change on a deep level.

The changes that are occurring right now are taking place on the deeper layers of the social institutions that represent the foundations on which we order our everyday lives. This is a process that obviously won’t be over in a day. It is, however, in full swing. Saturn has just recently returned to Capricorn (July 1) to finish off any unfinished business in that sign, before it can move forward into Aquarius for good (or rather, until March 07, 2023, to be precise).

The growing pains of letting go

The Sun and Mercury in Cancer are naturally reluctant and may be clinging to a way of life that needs to change. Letting go does not come easy to this sign. They are feeling the heat from the Mars / Chiron conjunction in Aries who are getting impatient and would prefer to push their way through any obstacles  (especially relating to health issues) no matter the collateral damage. But Venus in Gemini helps to mitigate the situation, while Neptune tries to blur the harsh reality. However, its angle is not very exact and it is separating, so his efforts don’t look to be as effective as they have been at other times. Avoidance seems to be the name of his game.

Uranus, the wild card

The wild card of the Full Moon chart is Uranus, the only outer planet that is still in direct motion and who is making aspects to practically every other planet, albeit some contacts only by minor or obscure aspects. This suggests that the wind of change is definitely blowing in, and that if we can change our perspective we will be able to ride the wave, come up with something new and different and thus, actually benefit from these disruptive times.