Astro-Insights for the month ahead: May 2020

Greetings! I hope you are all okay out there, after this unprecedented month of April. Today, at the beginning of May, we still live in a weird world, many of us still under lockdown, although increasingly anxious to get our lives back and to resume our normal activities.  Some countries are preparing to ease restrictions, but the decision is a difficult one since conditions are still far from being safe. Yet, the economic pressures are steadily increasing, bearing down hardest on the most vulnerable people in our societies. What do the stars have to say about all this?

The striking feature of the current times is the fact that all planets are congregating between Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn and the north node at 0° Cancer. We have just had the first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, and now Pluto went retrograde on Saturday, 25th of April. The north node forms an awkward quincunx (150°) with Jupiter and Pluto (dissociate) and Saturn. This describes the current conflict well – governments trying to protect and control the population with draconian restrictions. The conflict between the rights of the individual and the interest of society at large on the one hand, and the economic pressures that make the current lockdown conditions unsustainable, on the other. Finding a workable compromise that is safe and sensible, is a huge challenge.

For the moment, Pluto is moving retrograde. Some of the overt controls may be eased, yet continue in a more insidious way – digital control via apps, snitching neighbors etc. Meanwhile, Jupiter continues to move forward, which indicates the restlessness and desire to move on. It is likely to be revised later, after the middle of May, when Jupiter will also turn retrograde.

May starts off with a flurry of excitement.  Mercury joins Uranus in Taurus on May 1st, the influence of which is likely to last until Mercury passes the Sun on April 4.  This could be some unexpected news, but may also increase the chances of mishaps. On April 4 Venus squares Neptune in Pisces. Although in his own sign, Neptune here is incredibly ‘fishy’ and hard to grasp. Venus in Gemini exacerbates that energy. Be especially alert to deceptions, fake news, rumors, gossip, or conspiracy theories and sweet talkers.

On May 5, the north node enters Gemini, which heralds a whole new chapter. The nodes stay in each sign for about 18 months. In Gemini/Sagittarius, there is a lot more openness and eagerness to connect, compared to the Cancer/Capricorn episode we are just coming out of (the nodes move ‘backward’ through the zodiac), which are so focused on protecting your own. However, the north node in Gemini can also herald a time of destabilization and uncertainty. In the aftermath or transition of this pandemic, mental health issues. as well as religious and ideological extremism will come to the surface. It is likely that the waves of this huge upheaval will be felt throughout the north node in Gemini period.

On May 7 we will witness the last super full moon of the year, in Scorpio, which reminds us to dig deep and excavate our inner resources and to take a close look at our dearly held values. On May 11, Saturn will turn retrograde and begin its slide back into Capricorn for the last time, on the same day as Mercury enters Gemini, his own sign. This promises a jittery and communicative phase – perhaps a response to easing lockdown conditions. But there are more obstacles on the way – not only the awkward quincunx to Saturn right at the beginning of his journey through Gemini, but also Venus turning retrograde in Gemini on May 12. This heralds a time when relationship issues can bubble up and things that are difficult to articulate come out, one way or another.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Mars enters Pisces on May 13. This looks to be an intensely emotional period. Mars is very uncomfortable in this watery and emotional sign. Those, who have a hard time expressing their emotions may assume tactics of passive aggression and weaponising victimhood.

On May 15, Jupiter turns retrograde, which will put a spotlight on what kind of future we really want, after this crisis, as all kinds of interest groups begin to lobby their way to power and influence – the Sun trines Pluto (May 15) then Jupiter (May 17) at the same time.

On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini on the same day as Venus squares Neptune and two days later, on May 22, Mercury will join Venus, and both of them will square Neptune, while the Sun trines Saturn. This looks rather iffy – there could be some scandalous news or cover-up. Best to take things with a large grain of salt.  Finally, on May 28, Mercury will conjunct the north node before entering Cancer, a sign that does not comfortably fit his nature. However, at best, he may be reflective and pick up on subtly changing moods and undercurrents – or he may find indirect and emotionally manipulative ways to make his point.

All in all, this looks to be an eventful month, especially during the middle of the months, from around the full moon to at least May 22.