Astrological insights for the New Moon in Taurus, April 23, 2020 (2:27 UTC)

This New Moon in Taurus feels quite tense:  the social isolation is taking its toll – loneliness, frustration and a yearning to get back to ‘normal’ characterize the mood.  On the other hand, there is also mounting tension between cohabitants, whether flatmates or families, forced to be with each other 24/7 under stressful circumstances. Nobody had planned for this and moreover, nobody is sure how or when it will end. The restrictions incite a deep yearning to exercise one’s freedom once again. Yet, even as and when restrictions will be relaxed, we will still be far from safe and far from the way things used to be. Uncertainty is in the air and it weighs heavily upon us.

Sun, Moon conjunct Uranus and square Saturn

The New Moon is close to Uranus, but still 3° away. The build-up of tension is still mounting. The image of a pressure cooker comes to mind, especially as the Sun, Moon, and Uranus are forming a collective square to Saturn in Aquarius. Although normally a social sign, Saturn there is an apt image for social distance and the restrictive atmosphere in which we find ourselves.

Saturn quincunx North Node

The 150° aspect (quincunx) is always uneasy as it tries to join incompatible energies. In this case, the social air sign of Aquarius with the family and feeling orientated sign of Cancer. The quincunx often indicates health-related issues. In this constellation, it paints the picture of a conflict, between our need to connect and come together with family and friends versus the need for collective solidarity and caution based on reason, the rationale for social distancing in order to protect our loved ones, ourselves and everybody else around us due to a public health threat.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (separating)

Although the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is separating, its influence is still very much felt and will continue to be operative for the rest of the year. On the social level  (political/global) Pluto conjunct Jupiter indicates an expansion of power, while on the personal level it urges us to mobilize inner resources and to strengthen our resilience any way we can. Change is inevitable, but how it will affect each one of us is at least partly a matter of how well we can cope with uncertainty and change.

Mars trine Venus

This trine between Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini is the lightest and most hopeful aspect of this New Moon chart. Despite the dire situation, we continue to connect, share, make fun or learn with each other, despite the limitations. Much of this communication is going on in cyberspace. It is no replacement for real, person-to-person contact, but it is our straw that gives us hope and comic relief to help lift the energy and to keep our heads above water.