Mercury is changing signs and moving into Aries

After this long period of drifting through Pisces, it is a relief to see Mercury change signs and move on. In Aries, Mercury is a lot more focused and decisive. The sense of limbo should soon dissipate.

Mercury in Aries thinks pro-actively. He is very direct, and can even be belligerent at times. He calls a stick a stick and doesn’t pussyfoot around. By the same token, he is rather impulsive and opens his mouth before he thinks about his words. Not always a good thing to do. His assertiveness can be quite hot-headed and he may blow up over small provocations, thinking that shouting is a reasonable way to communicate. Or he may be bossy, assuming that it’s his job to direct the show.

On the more positive side, he is intrepid and ready for any challenge. But unlike Mars, who jumps into action, head first, Mercury is likely to make a battle plan. In Aries, Mercury is a good speaker who can rile up attention and support for his cause.


When Mercury in Aries transits through this section of the horoscope you will have no problems making your point. In Aries, Mercury does not dither. But others might find it difficult to get a word in edge-ways, which could lead to conflict.


Mercury in Aries in this section of the horoscope is quick to take a gamble. It may pay off, then again, it may not. Impulse buying is also a thing with him as he yearns for instant gratification.

Social Life

Mercury in this part of the horoscope always indicates an increase of activity in the social sphere. While this is currently impossible to do in person, Mercury innovates other ways and means of exchanging ideas. However, under the confining circumstances, differences of opinions can quickly lead to raging arguments.


In this section of the horoscope, Mercury in Aries can be a bit fiery and restless. It is not a patient placement at the best of times. Under the current circumstances, it can cause irritation and conflict. Try to channel that energy into playfulness and control your temper.


Mercury in Aries in the ‘work’ segment of the horoscope is used to doing things his own way. Flexibility and adaptability are the qualities most needed to get ahead during the lockdown. Trying out new approaches to daily tasks comes naturally to Mercury in Aries.


When Mercury passes through the house of love in the horoscope it leans towards flirtatiousness, and Aries can be quite bold in such matters. But given the current restrictions, Mercury in Aries here can get quite frustrated. Unless he adapts to the situation and finds other ways to express his ardour.


Aries in the career house of the chart is bold and courageous. Mercury here suggests innovation and adaptation. In order to thrive now one has to be daring and try out new ways of doing things. Mercury in Aries is the ideal candidate for the job.