Venus in Gemini is a social butterfly. She thrives on social connections, loves parties and gatherings and adores variety. She is also a chatterbox and loves to gossip: if you want to spread news fast, tell Venus in Gemini a secret.

It is not that she is maliciously spreading rumors. Rather, it is simply impossible for her to keep her mouth shut. News of any kind just burns her throat and the urge to share whatever she is privy to can’t be suppressed.

While this is often seen as a negative trait, it actually does have an important social function with ancient roots that are deeply entwined with our social evolution.

In ancient times, social groups tended to be small – usually no more than 25 to 50 people. But as we became settlers and our villages grew, it was no longer possible to know everyone personally. Yet, people needed to be able to rely on each other for help. But how would you know whether you can trust someone whom you don’t know personally? You had to rely on their reputation, which traveled fast via a network of Venus in Gemini types. If they didn’t know the newcomer personally, they surely would know someone who did!

Thus, ‘data mining’, as we would call it today, then and now, serves an important purpose: to establish trust – or to undermine it, as the case may be. 

The other striking facet of Venus in Gemini is their extraordinary flexibility. They are not just social butterflies but also social chameleons! Their ability to fit into any social context and to adapt their speech and manners accordingly is truly extraordinary. However, it can be disconcerting if you encounter them in more than one social role. You might wonder if this is really the same person? Sometimes her different role-personalities hold quite different or even conflicting views. Which one are you supposed to believe? Other signs regard this kind of inconsistency as shallowness, but to Venus in Gemini, it is just a social strategy. You can never have too many friends and connections!

She is witty, quick and versatile with words, and often very funny, too, which make her very easy to get on with. As a politician, however, she can be dangerous, she has charisma but is often two-faced: charming her supporters, yet spreading lies; promising one thing and doing quite the opposite.

Venus in Gemini makes great actors: Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks and many more have this Venus placement.

At this time, during the Coronavirus crisis, the need for social contacts has intensified, while opportunities to actually mingle have become very limited. But, technology comes to the rescue. Our social connectivity is saved by the internet and the telephone.

However, at this time it is more important than ever to distinguish between fact and fiction. In times of crisis, fake news abound but can be dangerous or even fatal. Thus, stay vigilant and double-check information sources before inadvertently contributing to the spreading of fake news.


When Venus in Gemini moves through this section of the horoscope there is a natural instinct to connect with people and to be as sociable as possible, despite the restrictions. But don’t be daft! Stay at home and move your social life online. Chat groups and dating sites, as well as a host of social media sites, should offer plenty of diversions.


To Venus in Gemini, money is like water, it runs through her fingers. She sees shopping sprees as a recreational activity or even a form of therapy. Under the current circumstances, with almost all shops closed almost everywhere, this instinct will be severely curbed. But luckily, online shopping is still available.

Social life:

For those who have Venus moving through this section of their horoscope, life is truly hard! Yet, it brings into focus just how much we need and depend on our social connections, our siblings and next of kin. Stay connected as best you can – that is what will get you through this crisis!

Home and Family:

In this section of the horoscope, Venus in Gemini loves diversity. It may be a good idea to use the downtime to rearrange the furniture, clear out some junk, or put up those pictures and trinkets that are collecting dust somewhere. It is also a good opportunity to share some playtime with your immediate family. Remember that stack of games that no-one has looked at in eons? A much better way to connect than to just endlessly watch Netflix.


At work, Venus in Gemini is often the comedian, cracking jokes and entertaining the entire team. But at this time she is likely to bring out her other talent – networking! Venus in Gemini is great at multi-tasking and getting everybody organized.


Normally, Venus in Gemini in this section of the horoscope can be pretty flighty. She finds it hard to settle down – there are just too many distractions! But under the current circumstances, the most important thing is to stay connected. Talking to each other, whether far or near, is therapy in itself. Or, if you are looking for love, this is a good time to explore dating sites and chatrooms.


Reaching out and staying flexible is probably the best way to handle the current situation. It might not be the best time to make a career switch, but it might be a good time to focus on what is really important to you, and what you would like to change in the long run. It is a time to make plans, rather than act.