The Goddess of love and sensual pleasures delights in Taurus, her natural domain. This is the sphere that she thoroughly relishes: ‘may all acts of pleasure be my worship!’ is her command. Happily, her sojourn in this sign coincides with the early stages of spring, a time of the year that awakens the senses. Mother Nature dons her flower-speckled wedding dress and the birds are clearing their throats to serenade lovers everywhere. Mother nature is fresh and crisp and ready for a new start into everybody’s favourite season.

Venus in Taurus delights in every flower, every bird’s song, every spring shower, every green blade of grass and every burgeoning bud. All this spring revelry is very seductive and it is easy to be spirited away by the lure of the fields and woods. Venus in Taurus is not the ambitious career woman, nor particularly dutiful. She just wants to enjoy the pleasures of the season. After all, they won’t last, so you have to make the most of it while you can.

This is why Venus in Taurus has the reputation of being lazy. But in a way that is just a matter of perception. Fully getting into the realm of the senses is very instructional. It is just not ‘goal-orientated’ or ‘analytical’ which are the cognitive functions that are favoured by society. Instead, we learn from nature via our faculties of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. And we process these in a way that is more associative, pictorial, metaphorical.

Artists, musicians, poets and cooks are particularly receptive to this mode of absorbing the tantalising sensory signals that are all around us. But while Venus is in Taurus, this mode of experience becomes more available to everybody, as long as we don’t deny ourselves the pleasure.

But, beware! This period is likely to start off with a bit of a disruption, as the first planet she encounters in her sign is the unpredictable and erratic Uranus. And this takes place on the same day as the Sun bumps into nebulous Neptune – on the eve of the Full Moon. What that means exactly will depend on one’s individual placements and whether or what kind of aspects are cast to your personal planets during this rendezvous. It could be no more dramatic than a pleasant (or disruptive) surprise, or it could be that one of Cupid’s errand arrows unsuspectedly hits the mark, causing chaos in the aftermath. Misunderstandings and confusion to various degrees are extremely likely in the wake of these alignments.

Self: Venus in Taurus takes pleasure in all that is beautiful, including her wardrobe. This could be a good time to experiment with a new style or simply to update and sort out your wardrobe. It is not the easiest of times to tackle challenging tasks as more pleasurable pastimes distract. But if pleasure can be combined with something useful then Venus in Taurus can supply unshakable tenacity and dedication to the task in hand.

Money: Venus in Taurus loves money! In general, she has little trouble generating it. But when it comes to spending, she highly value-conscious. ‘Bang for the Buck’ is the criteria by which she assesses whether or not to spend. She isn’t interested in cheap stuff if it does not last. And, it has to be classy and aesthetically pleasing, too. Venus in Taurus nurtures traditional values and can be a little conservative or reluctant to try something new.

Social Life: When it comes to the social sphere, Venus in Taurus enjoys the company of old friends and small children. She takes pleasure in the Arts and happily combines sharing quality time with friends and kin while listening to a concert, visiting an art gallery, or going out for a special dinner.

Family & Home: Venus in Taurus is quite home and family orientated. She loves turning the home into a piece of art and is a master of home decor. Not the grand style, necessarily, but full of thoughtful little touches that make a home a home and not just a place to be. For Venus in Taurus, the home is a sanctuary where she can relax, recharge and lounge around in pyjamas all day long if she pleases. She also loves to garden, and the same nurture is likely to be lavished on her green space.

Work: Venus in Taurus is sometimes labelled ‘lazy’. But give her something she enjoys doing, and she will not let go. Motivation is key and what motivates her is either a pleasure reward or the satisfaction of seeing something grow and develop. Once started she will see a project through.

Love: In matters of the heart Venus is a romantic. She loves sensory pleasures, whether it is a bouquet of flowers or special chocolates. But, with or without chocolates, she is also happy to spend a romantic tête-à-tête in nature. Venus in Taurus can bring a lot of joy through the experiences of the senses.

Travel: Venus in Taurus is happy at home, but does not mind travelling if it holds certain allures. She likes nature experiences, hiking, visiting gardens and such, or cultural events, but also enjoys a bit of luxury. The winning trip is the one that can combine all the above. A glamping trip, perhaps?

Career: Venus in Taurus knows her worth. Loyalty and commitment should be compensated accordingly. If Venus in Taurus passes through this part of the horoscope it may pay off to ask for a raise or a promotion.