Venus, the planet of love is leaving the rather cold and detached Aquarius and is moving into the oceanic Pisces. The sign of the Fishes is, of course, a water sign and therefore, much, much wetter altogether. In Pisces, Venus’ love is oceanic, meaning, it knows no boundaries. It fills every last crack in the reef, every shell, every underwater cave. It is like liquid copper filling a mould. The finished cast is the ‘positive’ counterpart to the ‘negative’ shape that created it. And this is a very fitting image for this placement. The ocean is boundless, and so, in order to make Venus visible in this sign, it needs a cast that she can fill. In this sign, Venus is not just ‘lovely’. She can be anything. The role she takes on becomes like another skin and she fills it, completely. It is this quality of filling and sensing every millimetre, every bump and hollow from the inside that is what makes her so empathic. She feels another’s pain or joy as her own. And by extension, she feels the pain of the world as her own. This can hurt quite a lot and it is for this reason that Venus in Pisces is not always the charming, romantic, sweet smiling princess.

In this ability to completely merge with another she is in danger of losing sight of herself. The ego-boundaries become somewhat wishy-washy and it is sometimes difficult to know who is feeling what. The mirror and the mirrored become as one.


With Venus in Pisces, this period is perfect for some self-care. This Venus does a lot for other people, so it is important to remember that we must take care of ourselves if we don’t want to burn out. Selflessness is great, but self-neglect is harmful. We can only give to others when we also nourish ourselves and take care of our own needs.


With all that compassion, Venus is the first to take off her robe to warm someone else. If she sees others suffering it is hard for her to walk by and ignore them. She feels their pain and therefore feels called upon to do what she can to help – she will spend her money on charity instead of stashing it in the piggy bank. She may, however, keep a few bucks to treat herself to a wellness weekend or to some other special treat, preferably one involving lots of chocolate. Or alcohol. Or both.

Social Life:

Venus in Pisces enjoys a good time and her ability to adapt to anything and everybody makes her a bit of a social chameleon. The danger is her lack of boundaries. Knowing her limit for entertainment and all that goes with it can be her downfall.  On the other hand, Venus in Pisces can just as happily merge with the rest of the world while being on an ascetic retreat. All she has to do is to open her heart and mind and boundless love for all humanity flows out.

Family and home:

Venus in Pisces loves beauty and making the home not just a place but her comfort zone. This is a good time for making home improvements or doing some redecorating, beautifying the home, or tackling the general chaos. Given the giving and self-sacrificial tendencies of this placement, it is important to remember to take care of your own needs, and not just of those of others.


Venus in Pisces is very creative. She can imagine things in a very plastic manner as if they were before her in the room. This is a great time for tackling some creative projects. At work, emotional issues might be more prominent at this time and it is important to address them with empathy and compassion.


Well, you already guessed it. Truth be told, there could hardly be a better placement for romance than Venus in Pisces. She has an uncanny ability to read the needs and desires of another as from within. The danger here lies in the tendency to identify so completely with another that she loses her ego-boundaries. Once that happens it can be a struggle to redefine them and to sort out which feelings belong to whom and which ones are projected.


While not a top priority, Venus in Pisces does love travel, especially honeymoons, or failing that, a romantic get-away will do. She does like her creature comforts, if possible, and a luxurious wellness holiday, yoga retreat or creative self-discovery workshop would also be up to her alley. More important than the outer journey is the parallel inner journey that she embarks on when she leaves home. A pilgrimage of sorts or a wellness retreat would be just her thing.


If you are looking for a promotion, Venus in Pisces’ charms can be just the thing that could sway the boss to show some kindness. Other than that, it is a good time for creative endeavours, especially ones that are in some way tied to a charity. Spreading senseless acts of beauty and kindness around the workplace is likely to result in amplified returns.