Mars is moving into Sagittarius. This is a sparkling sign for a fiery planet: expect some fireworks. Mars is nothing if not active, always pursuing some goal, or flame, or competitive advantage. He wants to make things happen. Action brings satisfaction.

In Sagittarius Mars tends to be quite zealous in his pursuits, and absolutely convinced of his righteousness. At times, he can also be quite mischievous, setting light to this and that, just to see things go up in flames. But for all the fire he puts under people’s bums in his efforts to get them on-board and join his cause, he can also be quite fickle and pretty clumsy. Tactfulness is not his strength, especially not in Sagittarius. Here he has an almost surefire instinct to put his foot right in it. Unsurprisingly, other signs are less keen on this kind of ‘tiggerish’ enthusiasm. They may even feel offended, (quite why, Mars in Sagittarius will never quite understand), which can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Mars in Sagittarius doesn’t hang about to be moaned at, though, and will likely just walk off. No doubt the next opportunity will come around in just a minute or two…

Depending on which house is occupied by Sagittarius in your natal chart you can expect one of these kinds of scenarios:


Mars in this sign can give a great boost of self-confidence. Try something new, be adventurous, and dare to play. Life is too short to be serious all the time. You might as well have some fun while you can. If you have been thinking of trying out a new look or changing some stubborn old habits, this is a good time to have a go. Whether a good intention will turn into a habit will depend on other factors but it certainly never will, unless you make a start someday. So, why not just do it today?!


Mars in Sagittarius is a spendthrift. He is far more likely to gamble on some unlikely odds than to put money away for a rainy day. He might get enthusiastic about some get-rich-quick scheme, or some ‘sure-fire’ investment opportunity. And he might even get lucky, but then again, he might not. Mars in Sagittarius also likes to impress others, playing ‘big shot’ among new acquaintances – or new flames. Anything, from flowers to expensive gifts, or even a quick romantic get-away vacation are all very much in the range of things that Mars in this sign will feel inspired to spend money on.

Social life:

Among kin and siblings, Mars in Sagittarius always seems to get the others into trouble by inspiring them to follow his lead. But when sh*t hits the fan, he is out of sight before the others have even noticed that trouble is afoot. On the more positive side, with Mars in this sign, parties tend to be more lively and more fun than usual. If you are looking for entertainment, don’t be shy.


Mars in Sagittarius is not the most patient when it comes to domestic life. He is quite likely to be feeling bored and itching for adventure. Be prepared for his efforts to kick up some dust. This could take many shapes – from starting petty quarrels (that will give him an excuse to go off somewhere to have his adventure) to taking the kids for a day out, or, decide on a whim that it is time to tackle some major domestic project, buy a new car or…well, anything, really.


Mars in Sagittarius is full of energy but does not have great focus unless his restless energy is channeled productively by other factors. He is likely to sparkle with ideas and get very enthusiastic about future fantasy projects, but he does not like to deal with the minutiae of project management. Thus, when Mars is in Sagittarius it is a good time for brainstorming new ideas, generating visions for the future, writing up wild proposals, in short, to let the fountain of creativity flow unimpeded. It is also a good time to start a marketing campaign and to spark enthusiasm for your services or products among your clients and customers.


Mars in Sagittarius is a passionate lover, who is always looking for an opportunity to come to the rescue of some damsel in distress. However, at the end of the day, he is more enamored by the fantasy of his courageous act and more inspired by chivalrous love than by the reality of it. Expect him to be out of the door as soon as you mention his dirty socks left on the floor. Nevertheless, if you are game for some fun romance, now is a good time to play.


Now we are talking! Just drop the word and Mars in Sagittarius will have packed the bags and be out of the door. There is nothing he loves better than a fun and adventurous trip somewhere. The wilder the better.


If you are looking for a change of direction, now might be a good time to fantasize and to scoop out the options. Don’t let realism get in the way! For Mars in Sagittarius, it is always better to aim high, even if he fails. At least you have tried and you can always try again.