Early June (June 1-10)

June 1:

Mars semi-sextile Uranus

A surprise move throws a curveball, putting some on their hind legs, scrambling to maintain their footing.

June 2:

Mercury semi-square North Node

Mercury, the trickster, twists words to distort unfolding karma.

June 3:

Jupiter trine Pluto
Mercury sextile Neptune
Mercury enters Gemini

Now in Gemini, Mercury aligns with Pluto – a power-hungry and ambitious pair. This combination stays active for several days. June 3rd is the day of the great planetary alignment, visible in the early morning sky like a string of pearls – a veritable cosmic parade. The planetary energies are concentrated in the first quadrant of the zodiac. This quadrant symbolises identity, assets and values, and how we show up and relate to others. The sextile between Mercury and Neptune promotes intuition and creativity – an opportune time to engage with creative pursuits, especially writing, as Mercury also enters Gemini on this day, bringing a flurry of social activity, hobnobbing and chit-chat. Follow your curiosity.

June 4:

Sun conjunct Venus
Sun and Venus sextile North Node
Mercury trine Pluto
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
(Moon conjunct Uranus)

The Sun and Venus are conjunct and sextile the North Node. A day to focus on relationships, self-expression, and reflecting on some big questions that prompt a realignment with what is closest to our hearts. Mercury trine Pluto suggests an opportunity for an intimate and authentic heart-to-heart chat that could bring a breakthrough in communication as we approach the New Moon in Gemini on June 5th.

June 6:

New Moon in Gemini
Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto

The New Moon in Gemini signals a time for rational reflection and changing perceptions. The aspect between Venus and Pluto suggests that this process can feel uncomfortable. It is time to face some inconvenient truths, prompting a strong emotional response from Venus/Pluto.

June 7:

Mercury semi-square Chiron
Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto

This inner conflict continues over the next few days. But now, Mercury and the Sun are getting involved, grappling with hard-to-digest stuff. Mercury becomes aware of a deeper wound or pattern, and Pluto’s chthonic shadow dims the Sun. It might feel as if a dark cloud is obscuring the Sun.

June 8:

Sun and Venus square Saturn

The Sun and Venus have been conjunct for a few days and jointly square Saturn, which thwarts spontaneous expressions of joy, love and freedom. Relationships can be demanding and expecting responsibility. Don’t give up being yourself for what you think others expect from you.  

June 9:

Sun, Venus square Saturn
Mars enters Taurus

The Sun and Venus are still squaring Saturn, and Mars changes signs, slowing the pace and subduing the mood. Spontaneity and pleasure pursuits are curbed while dealing with obstacles. We may yearn for safety and stability – a predictable, reliable roadmap is needed. With that in hand, Mars can follow through.

Mid-June (June 11-20)

June 11:

Mercury semi-square Mars
Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
Mars square Pluto
Venus sextile Chiron

Mercury is embroiled in hard aspects, bringing a day of potential conflicts and complexity. Mars square Pluto is charged with intensity and highlights the power struggle, which could be dramatic. Venus sextile Chiron suggests a way to work through the discombobulation. 

June 12:

Mercury square Saturn

Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in their square with Saturn, signalling a sense of inadequacy or the need to prove something to be taken seriously.

June 13-14:

Venus semi-sextile Uranus
Sun sextile Chiron
Mercury sextile Chiron
Sun conjunct Mercury
Mars semi-square Saturn

The tensions subside. Supportive aspects between Mercury, the Sun, and Chiron suggest reflection and insight, perhaps even a tentative agreement. But Mars is still semi-squaring Saturn. Resistance and stubbornness frustrate such efforts. Resentment and anger still linger.

June 15:

Mercury semi-sextile Uranus
Sun semi-sextile Uranus
Mars semi-sextile Jupiter

The positive trend continues, but the semi-sextiles do not signify much. They indicate a hunch, intuition, or latent resources but require initiative to follow up on them.

June 17:

Venus square Neptune
Venus enters Cancer
Mercury square Neptune
Mercury conjunct Venus

The following days are more complicated. Mercury and Venus are conjunct and squaring Neptune, suggesting delusion, cover-up, or denial in relationships – not necessarily only in romantic relationships but also in public or business relations.
Venus moving into Cancer brings on greater emotional sensitivity, but also guardedness. Cancer is a caring sign that will do anything for those in need, but demands total loyalty yet does not easily trust others.

June 18:

Mercury quincunx Pluto
Venus quincunx Pluto

The theme continues with Venus and Mercury, still conjunct and squaring Neptune, now also quincunxing Pluto. There may be a conflict of interests or compromising secret, the elephant in the cupboard, so to speak, that distorts perception.

June 20:

Mercury semi-sextile Jupiter
Sun square Neptune
Sun enters Cancer

On the summer solstice, the Sun squares Neptune just before crossing the threshold into Cancer. A sense of nostalgia or emotional attachment may plunge us into a blurred view of reality in the run-up to the full moon.

Late June (June 21-30)

June 21:

Mercury sextile Mars

Mercury and Mars align to supercharge speech with passion, even as the focus is on pragmatism and family-oriented themes. 

June 22:

Full Moon in Capricorn
Mercury semi-square Uranus
Venus semi-sextile Jupiter
Sun quincunx Pluto

The Full Moon in Capricorn is busy, highlighting themes of responsibility, structure, long-term goals, family values and the life-work balance. Mercury’s semi-squares Uranus and Venus’ semi-sextiles Jupiter clash with this theme and want more excitement and adventure. Unforeseen or inconvenient news, a shift in relationships or out-of-the-blue, but double-edged boons.

June 25:

Venus semi-square Uranus

Unexpected news or events can be good or bad. They might loosen our moorings and force us to make adjustments or require some explanations.

June 26:

Venus square North Node
 Mercury trine Saturn

Today’s aspects open the door for an emotional review and present an opportunity to address connections no longer aligned with your core values. Saturn keeps track of the perimeters, values, goals and score. A crucial part of any review is to check intentions against what has been achieved and whether any intentions and plans need fine-tuning.

June 28:

Mercury semi-square Jupiter
Mercury square Chiron

Mercury continues to play a key role. The semi-square to Jupiter suggests that we have taken on too much. Its square with Chiron shows a certain impertinence, a refusal to let go, give up, or even apologise. 

June 29-30:

Sun semi-sextile Jupiter
Venus sextile Mars
Mars semi-square Neptune
Mercury sextile Uranus

Towards the end of the month, the tension subsides, and the mood is more reconciliatory, at least potentially. The Sun semi-sextiles Jupiter can be read as a resource, available to help overcome the impasse. The sextile between Venus and Mars could act on this impulse and make it work. But Mars and Neptune are still at odds, potentially turning a molehill into a mountain, or could deliberately be misleading.  On June 30th, Uranus no doubt offers some interesting, if unconventional, ideas or explanations and adds a factor X to the scenario as we transition into July.