Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 23, 2024 (13:52 GMT)

The Sagittarius Full Moon is full of optimism and enthusiasm, and given that Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in Taurus, close to the Sun, it may well be the most flirtatious and romantic Full Moon of the year. The Sun, Jupiter and Venus all trine Pluto, while Neptune sextiles it. Despite the Venusian emphasis, it is not all pink roses. 


  • Sun trine Pluto
  • Moon sextile Pluto
  • Pluto sextile Neptune (D)

This combination of influences suggests power and control issues. While trines and sextiles are commonly seen as gentle aspects, they can be just as challenging as squares or oppositions. The difference is that there is no internal struggle. Maybe secret knowledge provides leverage or is the key to learning and assimilating from the situation. 

The Sun in Gemini has the gift of the gob and can be convincing no matter what it talks about. The Moon in Sagittarius is easily impassioned with new philosophical concepts and ideas. It is highly temperamental and sometimes puts its foot in its mouth. 

Gaslighting political, cultural, or religious philosophies can easily blow up in its face. Expanding our horizons is the key to finding common ground rather than seeing things in absolutes. A willingness to listen to divergent voices offers a chance to find common ground. Perhaps there are opportunities here to overcome our differences. 


  • Jupiter conjunct Venus trine Pluto (D)
  • Jupiter and Venus sextile Neptune

This combination of influences can be highly inspirational and productive for artistic pursuits. Dream big and act accordingly!


  • Mars semi-sextile Saturn

The semi-sextile is not a significant aspect but may offer a potential opportunity. But lest we choose to nurture and act on it, it remains a fleeting thought. Think things through before you act. In work situations, Saturn pulls reins in and cools Mars’ hot temper. If you want to use this aspect, make a plan.


  • Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Uranus – Taurus

The heavy emphasis on fixed earth (Taurus), signifies stability, if it were not for Uranus, who is also in this sign, and it is anything but stable and predictable. Although not closely conjunct with the other planets in that sign, he could still stir things up, potentially creating havoc, or trying to.


  • Chiron, Mars, North Node – Aries

Aries is also in the spotlight, with Chiron, Mars and the North Node there. Aries is fiery, hot-headed and impulsive, with a high action potential. Hopefully, Saturn’s influence will direct it towards something sensible, for the highest good for all.