New Moon in Pisces

10 March 2024 – 09:00  (GMT)


The New Moon in Pisces completes the astrological year. It is about completion and new beginnings about to be awakened. The seed is soaked in the cosmic waters, immersed in collective consciousness. It is a moment full of potential and possibility, yet serenity. Use this moment to recharge.


The planets are still bunched up between Pluto at the gate of Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

A new mental horizon emerges from the oceanic collective consciousness. The possibilities are still within the cosmic egg, but it is about to crack, and a fresh reality will emerge.

At such moments, the mindset is paramount. Resist becoming overwhelmed by the fear of losing solid ground beneath your feet. Be open, but hold your intentions clear and selflessly. Don’t surrender to your ego’s fears and desires. It is a precious time for those whose minds are clear and free from preconceptions.

But there is also a dark side to continuous change and innovation – the lack of responsibility for the just created. Once released into the world, it can not be retracted. What will it unleash as it carves its path? We need to consider the ethical consequences of our actions and creations.


Sun Moon in Pisces semi-sextile Mars in Aquarius

Sun Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus


Mars in Aquarius is a potential resource for the New Moon as an agent for change and innovation. It is the capacity to work hard towards an ideal. Social restructuring may be achieved by using technology for humanitarian objectives. The idea of technology as an agent of change for greater freedom and liberty is one side of the coin, but by the same token, independence won through such tools traps us. They make us dependent on technology, and we forget how to function without them. If technology is to set us free, we ought to consider what kind of world we are creating. Which chores do we want to be freed of, and what does that freedom buy? What does it mean to be human, and how will that meaning change?


Chiron conjunct North Node

A lot is going on in this highly concentrated chart, but my attention instantly zooms in on the Chiron conjunction with the North Node.

The North Node is a kind of compass needle for our collective destiny. It is often involved when significant changes are afoot that affect us on a collective or even global level.

In this case, it points to the source of current cultural conflicts in identitarian ideology and the politics of egalitarianism that have created the identity crisis at its root. But it is no use to blame others for perceived injustices and devaluation of status. 


On a geopolitical level, this aspect may highlight issues related to sovereignty, leadership, and individual rights. It could bring attention to areas where collective healing is needed, particularly in contexts where individuals or groups have been marginalised or oppressed.


A truly inclusive transformation is needed to overcome the harm caused by us-and-them thinking. Since this conjunction coincides with the Pisces New Moon, the keys are compassion and empathy. We are one humanity and one nature.


But judging by the other aspects of the chart, it is an arduous journey.

Mars square Uranus

The square aspect between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus warns of potential disruptions and tensions stemming from rebellious actions and clashes of ideologies. Geopolitically, this aspect suggests conflicts driven by libertarian ideals and a desire for autonomy versus entrenched interests and power structures, particularly in matters of resources and technology. Since Uranus is in Taurus, it is pertinent that farmers are taking up the battle against bureaucratic oversight.


Venus in Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces

Venus in Aquarius forming a semi-sextile with Neptune in Pisces highlights the importance of idealism and visionary thinking in our relationships and diplomatic efforts. This aspect encourages us to seek harmony through embracing our shared dreams and aspirations, fostering a sense of unity amidst diversity. It is a ray of hope that peace is possible. 


Jupiter sextile Saturn

Although Jupiter and Saturn are often portrayed as opposing forces regarding development and growth, they are complementary forces.

In the sextile, their powers are optimally joined. Saturn assimilates and concentrates while Jupiter explores and expands. Jupiter in Taurus manifests and enacts, while Saturn in Pisces applies its wisdom gathered from experience. Geopolitically, this alignment may signify opportunities for sustainable growth and long-term planning, provided we remain grounded and mindful of our responsibilities to future generations.


Mercury sextile Pluto

Powerful rhetoric for social reform and change. Mercury in Aries is fiery and eager to advocate for a worthy cause. The aspect highlights the capacity for strategic thinking and communication, empowering us to uncover hidden truths and effect profound transformations in our societies and institutions. This aspect suggests the potential for impactful dialogues and negotiations on the global stage, with the potential to reshape power dynamics and foster greater cooperation.