Full Moon in Virgo, February 24, 12:30 GMT


The Sun is sandwiched by Mercury and Saturn, and the Moon holds the balance in Virgo. The tension lies in the navigation between the details and the big picture. It is entirely possible to get lost on either end of that spectrum.


Sun conjunct Mercury, Saturn

Sitting between Mercury and Saturn, the Sun forms the bridge. It channels the energy, facilitating spiritual contemplation. The symbolism fits this lent Full Moon. In Virgo, the Moon is preoccupied with procedural details, while Saturn and Mercury conduct the ceremony. 


Jupiter square Mars/Venus

The principal tension aspect of the chart is the square between the Mars/Venus conjunction and Jupiter. We can have anything, but we can’t have everything we want. We have to make choices. Jupiter in Taurus chooses comfort and security, while Mars and Venus have an appetite for change. As a result, we sometimes dream not of something new but different, even if that means reviving old traditions to bring back a past that never was what it was made out to be.


Jupiter sextile Saturn (Sun),

Jupiter trine Moon

The resolving light comes from Jupiter, which casts a sextile to the Sun and Saturn, and a trine to the Moon. Instead of conflict, it suggests searching out the opportunity in the conflict and turning it into a chance to grow and thrive. Structures and limitations not only provide stability but also stimulate creative problem-solving abilities.

Saturn semi-sextile Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius


Venus and Mars separated from their exact conjunction just a couple of days ago. The intensity lingers. Aquarius is often aloof and independent, and closeness can feel threatening. Saturn semi-sextiles this separating conjunction, providing a responsible frame for the encounter. 




Mercury semi-sextile Pluto in Aquarius

This minor aspect reminds us that the most valuable opportunities for personal growth lie where we feel fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway!