New Moon in Aquarius, 9 February 2024 – 22:58  (GMT)


The horoscope for the New Moon in Aquarius is tightly bunched up. All the planets are huddled together, contained within the trine between Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are in Aquarius, but only the Sun and the Moon are conjunct.


Sun and Moon square Uranus

Sun and Moon semi-sextile Venus


The trine between Venus and Uranus encompasses all the other planets, including a square between the lights and Uranus and a semi-sextile with Venus.

This aspect pattern represents a challenge to authority, but Venus offers a chance to overcome the impasse and perhaps opens an avenue of communication.


Venus trine Uranus

Eccentricity can feel alienating or charming. When Venus is involved, it takes people by surprise. In trine with Uranus, there is little regard for conventions. Expect the unexpected.


Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury semi-sextile Saturn

Saturn sextile Jupiter

This complex aspect pattern between Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn suggests stubbornness and preconceived ideas that can obscure the flow. But Saturn, for once, is the solution. For the benefit of a greater cause, Mercury and Jupiter channel their resources towards Saturn, which bundles it and directs it towards the focal issue.


Mars sextile Neptune

Mars supercharges Neptune’s visionary power. He is certainly fired up, but sustaining the energy is challenging. But the vision drives the action, and Mars in Capricorn is ambitious, organised, and hard-working. When sparked by a dream, he is unstoppable, no matter how outlandish it might be.


Chiron conjunct North Node in Aries

Uranus semi-sextile North Node

Health issues are again in the public focus. While not as severe of a concern as when Chiron and Uranus maintained their tight semi-sextile, it is still a weighty topic with consequences for future intervention or innovation in the medical field.