Pluto in Aquarius

   Pluto is entering Aquarius –

what are the signs of the times?


Pluto’s entry into Aquarius signals more than just a celestial shift; it unfurls a complex mesh of profound changes as our technological advancements and societal evolution intertwine. As we explore the astrological and geopolitical landscape, we find ourselves at the cusp of innovation and uncertainty.

Are we there yet?

Pluto’s transition into Aquarius has been a long time coming. It first ventured into Aquarius in March last year but retrograded back into Capricorn in June. On January 21 this year, Pluto re-entered Aquarius on the heels of the Sun.

But Pluto moves incredibly slowly. It takes approximately 248 years to complete a circuit around the zodiac. After advancing only 2 degrees, it turns retrograde on May 2, slips back into Capricorn for the last time, and on September 1. But only for a short stint; six weeks later, on October 12, he turns direct again, and on November 19, 2024, Pluto makes its final entrée into Aquarius.


“For the times, they are a-changing…”

Astrologically and geopolitically, Pluto’s change of signs is of immense significance. Last year, we had a small taste of what lies ahead:

Pluto and the rise of ChatGPTThe Rise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT was invented in 2020, but it caught the public eye last year. Suddenly, everybody was talking about it, and user numbers jumped from a few hundred to a few thousand and now millions of users in a few short months. Alas, as soon as this powerful new technology was released, criminal minds began exploiting it for their own nefarious gains. It happened so quickly that even the AI inventors called for a pause or immediate regulations.

The new robotic technologies are potent signs of the times. Aquarius signifies innovation and technology – a double-edged sword. Countless exciting opportunities and advances become possible thanks to AI technologies, particularly in the medical field. AI is designed to ‘learn’ and crunch data thousands of times faster than any human can, a massive boon for AI-assisted Data analysis. A frequently cited example is AI-assisted medical diagnoses. Having been fed thousands of data sets and computer images, AI can quickly identify patterns and correctly interpret malignancies. One day, not too far off, AI will diagnose and determine individual medical needs and suggest a personal treatment plan according to the specific requirements of the case.

We may even let technology figure out how to extend our lives forever. But would that be good or bad?

The Double-Edged Sword of AI and Innovation

The incredible number-crunching capacities of AI can assist us with gazillion tasks and likely do a better job than most humans could. But the danger is, we will forget what we once knew and rely on AI technology to solve our problems. Robots will make our decisions for us, but will the decisions based on algorithms we no longer understand be in our best interest? We missed the chance to control the genie before we let it out of the bottle. Will we be able to keep it as a force for good before it turns against us, or the villains clench it from us?

Pluto and the Dark WebPluto, Lord of the Underworld -The Dark Web, Surveillance, and Technological Dystopia

We all know the dark web is growing. The Underground is Pluto’s domain. Hidden from view, Plutonian characters are hacking and manipulating unsuspecting people pursuing everyday tasks on their home computers. It is almost impossible to stamp out such insidious activities.

Sensors and surveillance technologies will invade our privacy and monitor our every move – in the name of security, no doubt. But at which point do public security measures become mass surveillance?

Pluto and drone warRobotics already have a massive impact on warfare. Drones and remote-controlled rockets now do most of the dirty work. But how long will it be until robots fight our wars and decide whom to shoot or which buildings to blow up? The technology to do just that already exists.

Pluto transforms technology and, thus, society. We have the intellectual ability to understand that wars will not get us anywhere and that we are one big human family. But we have not yet overcome our more primitive urges and motivations, prodding us to fight over the control of resources and act as if one ‘race’ was better than another.

The positive side of technologyPluto in Aquarius – Transformation of the social world

Many Science fiction stories have explored utopian and dystopian visions of the future. Which version are we heading for? Nobody knows. We will have to learn as we go along; a dangerous and costly strategy that could spell disaster for humanity and the entire planet.

But it does not have to be that way. AI and other robotic technology have the potential to help us reduce poverty, solve complex problems, eliminate monotonous labour, and improve workflow efficiency.

On the other hand, many people will lose their jobs. Even creatives will have competition from AI-generated content and imagery. With the meaning of work utterly transformed, how will we design our lives and find meaning and purpose in our activities?

What does it mean to be human in the age of Pluto in AquariusBack to Humanity

As is usually the case, there is likely to be a backlash, a movement reminding us of our common humanity and intimate connection with nature. Just as Rousseau advocated for quintessentially Aquarian enlightenment ideas, prominent and influential thinkers will emerge in the present Pluto-in-Aquarius period. Will we heed their warnings and enter a profound discourse about what it means to be human and what we need to do to harness the power of technology before it can take over and render us obsolete?

Some scholars ponder those hard questions and urge us to think hard about the implications and consequences of the coming changes. They may not have the answers, but they are trying to wake us up before we sleepwalk into this brave new world.


Totalitarianism, Libertarianism, and the Struggle for Freedom

The US Pluto return

The other major Pluto topic is totalitarianism and the struggle for individual freedom and liberty. The last time Pluto entered Aquarius in 1777-1778, the American War of Independence was at a pivotal point, rebelling against the overbearing control and exploitation of the British. America was founded on revolutionary principles and the ideas of liberty and freedom for all. Today, we see the libertarian cause rise again, but this time in opposition to the American government.

The US has just gone through its Pluto return, which means Pluto has completed an entire cycle around the zodiac since 1776. In the mundane chart of the US, Pluto is at 27 Capricorn, so the current transit has passed that crucial degree. But these types of transits have a way of seeding and reverberating for quite some time. Enough time for the seeds to germinate and grow into whatever they are destined to become.

Pluto’s transit through Aquarius not only affects the US but will be felt worldwide, more by some countries than others. We are navigating a highly significant era that will determine the course of history, though the outcome of the struggle is still unknown. But it is unlikely that things will continue in this relatively stable phase that most of us have known all our lives.

Ultimately, it is up to all of us and how we respond to the changes that are taking place. There will probably be social unrest and revolutions, as has been the case during the last Pluto transit in Aquarius.


Cherishing lifePluto, Social Change and the Astrological Perspective

Demographic changes are likely to bring massive disruption as the boomer generation, many of whom were born when Pluto was in Leo, the sign opposite to Aquarius, is coming of age and now has to deal with their Pluto half-returns. The last boomers were born when Pluto and Uranus moved through Virgo, in the 60s. This generation pioneered the current technological revolution and will be the one to feel the changes most acutely.

As regards Pluto’s transit in terms of personal changes, individuals with significant planets and angles in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be most affected, but that does not mean other signs will be oblivious. There is too much going on globally; it’s just that some of us will experience the changes closer to home.

Change is the only constant

Navigating times like these is not easy. There are many challenges. Be mindful of your use of technology and how much you entrust your life with it. More than ever, we need to be prepared for change. Remember your humanity and express it with full vitality. Use technology to empower you, not to give control away. And be aware of the dangers of totalitarian agendas.