Full Moon in Cancer, December 27, 2023, 00:32 GMT

The Full Moon in Cancer, the last Full Moon of the year, is full of ambivalence. There are open questions and much hesitation. We will have to wait and see what the new year has in store when Jupiter (December 31) and Mercury (January 1) turn direct.

Full Moon in Cancer

The Cancer Full Moon highlights the spirit of the season, the family gatherings that strengthen the family bonds. Although it is often tricky to navigate, everyone tries their best, especially during hard times. The Sun receives a trine from Jupiter and a sextile from Saturn. The Moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Saturn. These aspects are cooperative and helpful. They highlight the role of practical charity to help those in need.


Jupiter sextile Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn are sextiling each other, which brings a sense of optimism and hope coupled with realism and responsibility. The road ahead is no amble down the garden path, but vision, when hooked to a plan and the commitment to make it work, can move mountains.


Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius
Square Neptune

Mars boosts the Full Moon energy with its zeal. In Sagittarius, it is extra hot, but the energy is volatile. It comes in flashes and with passion. Conjunct Mercury, it can fan the flames of rumour. Strong opinions may lead to a display of aggressive behaviour. Beware of this minefield in social gatherings.
On the lighter side, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius both enjoy a party and want to see the year go out with a bang.

Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars squares Neptune is an aspect pattern full of ambivalence. There is a sense of restraint, being held back, and becoming frustrated. Decisions and actions beyond one’s control undermine or frustrate the desire to move forward. There is a diffuse feeling of anxiety and anticipation.


Venus trine Neptune

Venus trine Neptune is as romantic as it gets among the stars. It is the season of love, and Venus and Neptune are doing their best to emphasize the notion. No matter how disconcerting some of the other aspects of this Full Moon may be, Venus and Neptune insist on love, compassion, and spiritual wisdom as a fundamental premise. Not everyone sides with them, but their influence is strong.