Full Moon in Gemini, November 27, 2023, 9:16 am


Sun conjunct Mars opposite Moon

Mars boosts the Sun with its extra-hot Sagittarian zeal. It comes in flashes, sizzling with passion. This highly excitable aspect pushes ahead without thinking. Similarly, the Moon in Gemini readily offers its filter-free verbal response. The highly dynamic Full Moon sparkles with ideas and inspiration. But Mars in Sagittarius can be clumsy and uncoordinated. The blunder potential is high.


Full Moon, Mars square Saturn

Saturn tries to constrain this overdrive energy with what seems like roadblocks. Examine the context and purpose of these constraints. Are they borne from fear, or are they sensible precautions? Challenges can seem like unsurmountable obstacles, deflating and tiresome. Sometimes, the struggle is the lesson. But if imaginary monsters are holding you back, get a grip. Don’t hide behind busyness as an avoidance strategy.


Venus conjunct South Node
opposite Chiron conjunct North Node

In negotiations, we can find a truce or compromise if we address the inharmonious parts of a relationship, the injustices, and old wounds. Yet, we also need to remember the things we share, our common goals and objectives. Smooth talking won’t do. To benefit from the wisdom of an old wound, we must first transform it. Only then do we learn its lesson and see the way ahead from a new perspective.


Uranus quincunx Venus, South Node

Beware of obstinate demands and emotional blackmail. Coercion is not cooperation. People may twist the truth and turn it upside down to achieve their ulterior goals. Broaden your perspective to gain insight into the current dynamics.


Mercury sextile Venus & South Node, trine North Node
Mercury square Neptune

Mercury is in a supportive role, never short of fresh ideas and optimism, but Neptune may lead him astray. Half-truths, deception, and the seeds of mistrust are Neptune’s hallmarks. He may change the goalposts and put up smokescreens. Take nothing at face value. There are always multiple ‘realities’ depending on our point of view.