Astrological Forecast for October 2023

October is the month of Libra. The scales are the very image of balance, justice, and harmony. But this year, they offer little opportunity for reconciliation. Sesquiquadrates, quincunxes and squares are the flavours of the season.


October 1-4, 2023

The month starts off on an awkward footing. A sesquiquadrate from the Sun and a quincunx from Mars beleaguer Uranus on October 1. Only a semi-sextile between Mercury and Venus eases the tension. But when we consider the bigger picture and look at the general aspect pattern, we notice a kite spread across the chart, flanked by two squares. There are avenues to resolve the tensions, but it will require work and time.

On October 2, Mercury opposes, and Venus trines Neptune. Ideas, dreams and possibilities bubble forth but don’t jump to conclusions prematurely. We are more comfortable with certainties than open-ended possibilities. Mercury trines Pluto on October 3, reminding us to keep digging. Instead of quickly grabbing the first idea, probe deeper to see what else is lurking there. 

On October 4, Venus quincunxes Neptune, and Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Jupiter. Too many choices can be overwhelming. Observe the unfolding possibilities, without settling on a particular choice just yet. Consider your priorities as the keystones to determine your path. It is the process itself that is important.


October 5 – 12, 2023

Mercury enters Libra on October 5 and immediately quincunxes Saturn. The Sun semi-squares Venus, and Mars quincunxes Neptune. There are several conflicts of interest. Focus is difficult to achieve. The theme carries on through the following days. On October 6, Venus quincunxes Pluto, and on the next day, the Sun quincunxes Jupiter. Sometimes, nothing seems to run smoothly.
On October 9, Venus enters Virgo and Mars squares Pluto – a battle of will. Mercury emphasises it with a sesquiquadrate to Uranus, and the Sun also forms a sesquiquadrate with Saturn. The very next day, Venus opposes Saturn. This is a tricky period, antagonising and obstinate. The hard aspects with Chiron on October 11 and 12 don’t suggest any significant healing. But at least Pluto turns direct, offering a glimpse of hope something positive might come from it all.

Also, on October 12, Mars enters Scorpio and Mercury quincunxes Jupiter. These aspects are the run-up influences shaping the mood of the eclipse New Moon on October 14.


October 13 – 14: New Moon in Libra

Aspirations are growing, and if we work through the difficulties, we can pat ourselves on the back on October 13, when Mars trines Saturn. Persistence and hard work pay off.

But Mercury can never sit still for long. As soon as we register success, he comes up with new challenges. Even if only to improve on the present status.


October 15 – 17, 2023

On October 15 and October 17, the Sun and Mercury quincunx Uranus in quick succession. The planetary wobble bounces from one uncomfortable aspect to the next. But while such planetary motions are discombobulating, they serve a creative cause. They challenge us to find solutions for seemingly impossible issues. Indeed, there is always a way forward. We must crack the nuts scattered on our path to access the kernel of wisdom concealed within.


October 18 -21, 2023

And so, we must crack on. Mercury semi-squares Venus on October 18, suggesting our message to the world might not align with our true wants and needs. The Sun and Mercury oppose the North Node and quincunx Neptune on October 18 and 19. Past issues might confuse the inner compass. Perhaps we idealise something based on previous experiences. Attachment to how things were might prevent us from making progress. The conjunction between Mercury and the Sun becomes exact on October 20, and together they square Pluto. This could be a mighty show-down of authority and will.


October 22 – 25, 2023

The last week of October sees tensions easing up, at least a bit. Venus trines Jupiter on October 22, which feels triumphant after everything this month has brought yet. On the same day, Mercury enters Scorpio and trines Saturn. The Sun follows suit the following day, when Venus also forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto. There is no time to rest on any laurels lying around.


October 26 – 28, 2023

Mars and Mercury form sesquiquadrates with Neptune on October 27 and 28, and Mars opposes Jupiter. This is the ambience of the Eclipse Full Moon on October 28. The Neptunian impasses are not over yet. Direct confrontation is not always fruitful. Examine all these subconscious motivations, fears, false hopes, or blockages to help you get to the other side.


October 29 – 31, 2023

On October 29, Mercury conjuncts Mars, and Venus trines Uranus – a dynamic and maybe unexpected end to a month of turmoil and discombobulation.