New Moon in Virgo, September 2023, 1:39 GMT


New Moon in Virgo

This New Moon in Virgo spells opportunity rather than challenges. There are no striking aspects except a kite formation across the chart, with the New Moon at its base and Neptune at its apex. Let your imagination fly, but ground it in application.


New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo offers an opportunity to declutter. At the beginning of the academic year, Virgo sets the tone. Get organised now to optimise your starting conditions. Consider your potential and what kind of fruit you wish to harvest. What type of self-nurture will it take to let your projects flower and come to fruition?

Virgo is an earth sign focused on skill acquisition. Critical self-assessment is the key to improvement. But don’t weigh yourself down with self-doubt and negativity. This is the other side of the creative process. It takes practice to develop skills. The beginner’s job is to fail often, but to fail better each time. It is time to establish a positive format for developing your skills.


New Moon opposite Neptune

The New Moon opposes Neptune, although not tightly. Sort through the flood of information and sift out the most relevant, useful, and appropriate, so as not to suffocate in Neptunian waves. But as this aspect is the central axis of the kite, it is the most prevalent aspect pattern of the horoscope.


New Moon trine Uranus

The other points of the kite are the trines between the New Moon and Uranus, and the corresponding trine to Pluto. The aspects are not tight, which weakens the aspect pattern. It is more of a suggestion, an opening of possibility that requires an act of will to explore the opportunities.

Uranus often signals a chance encounter, which may be unexpected but exciting and potentially turn things upside down. That is the scary part. Do you jump in and follow the lead at the risk of plunging into the unknown? Such an opportunity may present itself. Some are just distractions, shiny objects that lead us astray. But sometimes, we have to adjust the baseline and trust our intuition. To guide your choices, set up criteria to act as the gatekeeper.


Venus square Jupiter retro

Both Venus and Jupiter recently changed course. Jupiter turned retrograde, and Venus turned direct. On this New Moon, they form a square. Both have loose connections – Jupiter is conjunct with Uranus, and Venus sextiles Mars. The square represents an inner conflict between authenticity and approval. Being authentic does not always win the popularity contest. At the very least, this aspect is an opportunity for a reality check. What is more important to us: to be true to ourselves, or gratify others, for whatever reason or benefit. Whatever you decide, don’t make yourself dependent on the opinions of others.


Mercury opposite Saturn (wide)

The opposition between Mercury and Saturn, both retrograde, suggests feeling torn and unfocused. Making decisions can be trying. The abundance of retrograde planets suggests a wait-and-see approach instead of launching into action. Use the time to explore what is really holding you back. Once you understand the root cause, the answers may become clear.