New Moon in Leo, August 16, 2023, 9:37 GMT

Sandwiched between Lilith and retrograde Venus, the New Moon in Leo on August 16, 2023, is on the hot plate, fired up by the dynamics of a rampageous square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus challenges the status and authority of the Leo luminaries. He is the wild card that rattles the foundations and turns perceptions of conventional reality upside down. Uranus is an agent of chaos, teaching a valuable lesson about perceived norms and their inherent fragility. Nothing is certain. The emperor may or may not be wearing any clothes. Some say he does, and some say he doesn’t. Is it a scandal, and who cares? Which version of reality do we accept as truth? Do money or status influence that perception? Whatever emerges around this New Moon is likely to cause a stir. We are entering uncharted ground.


New Moon in Leo is close to Lilith

The tight conjunction between Lilith and the New Moon flags hidden motivations. It is easier to turn the stick around and blame others than admit to one’s own dirty secrets and misdeeds. Guilt, or the attempt to hide uncomfortable truths, may act as a catalyst.


Mercury conjuncts Mars in Virgo

Mercury and Mars joining forces in Virgo conjures up the image of meticulous labour. This is a highly exacting and analytical aspect with a razor-sharp edge. They never tire of examining every minutia in excruciating detail.
This can be a fabulous aspect for learning or perfecting skills, but beware of the inner critic. The combination of planetary influences can be exceedingly critical and even cynical. Don’t go there. Instead, use that energy positively to learn from mistakes.


Mars and Mercury in Virgo semi-sextile New Moon

The semi-sextile between Mars, Mercury and the New Moon insists on facts and details. It is perfect for anyone embarking on a quest for learning. Mercury’s keen eye for detail and Mars’ tireless pursuit are on your side. Pay attention to these planetary influences and use them to your best advantage.


Venus retrograde in Leo semi-sextile Mercury in Virgo
Venus retrograde square Jupiter (wide)

Retrograde Venus casts a semi-sextile to Mercury and a square to Jupiter. She wants to stay out of the commotion, but can’t. In Leo, Venus, retrograde or not, has an opinion and makes sure others know about it. There could be an element of criticising others to boost one’s ego or sense of self-worth. But there is no need for that. Playing the Prima Donna does not evoke sympathy or respect.


Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus

Mars is forming a close trine with Uranus in Taurus – good energy for changing health routines. It might be time for a radical reset for diet or fitness regimes, although perhaps inspired by rather unconventional ideas. Don’t aim to achieve too much at once. Crash diets or extreme exercise regimes can cause more harm than good.


Chiron trine Venus, quincunx Mercury

This aspect hints at a process of arbitration, although finding common ground may be difficult and hard-won. It requires an honest look at the facts and a willingness to reckon with the past.

Retrograde Saturn makes no aspects at all. It has retreated and bides its time.


Pluto square Nodes

Pluto maintains its square with the Nodes, implying that karmic influences shape the future. Yet, karma is the natural outcome of prior actions, not undue punishment or ‘the wrath of god’. We can’t control the future, but our present actions shape its course.