Full Moon in Aquarius, August 1, 2023, 18:31 GMT


In August, we will have two Full Moons, but in different signs. The first kick-starts the month on August 1 with a Super Full Moon – a watershed moment. We are coming to a crossroads.


Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Sun in Leo

The Sun, in the fiery sign of Leo, is in its element. It radiates with authority and leadership. But its power is bestowed by the people this Sun must serve.

In personal terms, the Full Moon highlights the polarity between the self and identity. No matter how unique and individual we feel, we seek validation from our social environment. Our sense of self is only partly based on self-perception. We also derive our sense of who we are through the reflection we receive from others.
This Full Moon is about creative self-expression. True independence seeks to cut itself free from the rewards and value judgements of others.


Retrograde Saturn in Pisces opposite Mercury in Virgo

Retrograde Saturn in Pisces has unfinished business to attend to. Loose ends are calling for attention. We may barely hear that calling consciously, but it emerges in dreams, fleeting thoughts, or fantasies. Saturn is keen to keep such vague psychic stirrings at bay. Mercury, opposite in Virgo, tries to rationalise, analyse and distance itself from the raw feeling of karmic content. It might not be possible to keep it all under control.
Ultimately, we need to see the big picture to make sense of the puzzle we are trying to solve.


Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter leaps and bounces through Taurus and is not slowing down. The trine between Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus is promising. Diligent, meticulous and hard-working – they can move mountains if working according to a detailed plan. Try to adopt the mindset of enjoying the process instead of solely focusing on the results!


Venus retrograde in Leo quincunx Neptune retro in Pisces

The most awkward aspect of the chart is the quincunx between retrograde Venus in Leo and retrograde Neptune in Pisces. The combination has escapism written all over it. Distractions are everywhere, and they would much rather enjoy the rewards without the hard work. There is also a sense of guilt for having fun. Is it work if it feels like fun?


Uranus square Lilith

Lilith is not a planet, but an invisible point that casts a shadow. The very close square to Uranus is worth mentioning, especially since Lilith is also close to Venus. It seems as if it signifies the unconscious motivation for Uranus’ actions. Venus may proudly strut her stuff through Leo, but Lilith shows that underneath the flamboyant display lies insecurity. Uranus’ square may even have sabotage up its sleeve.


Pluto in Capricorn square nodes

Pluto is still squaring the nodes, which signals deep karmic undercurrents. The present shapes what is to come, even if the full significance is not yet apparent. It’s time for a reset. We need to assess the overall balance in our lives and take steps to adjust it where necessary.