Full Moon in Capricorn, July 3, 2023, 11:38 GMT

Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn, on the verge of summer, is significant. Super Full Moons appear larger than regular Full Moons because the moon is much closer to the Earth. This spiritual gateway moment amplifies whatever we focus on – especially our spiritual/emotional energies.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis shifts the focus to family affairs. Parents must master the juggling act of entertaining the kids while staying on top of everyday chores. It is time to reflect on the duty of love and the responsibilities of family affairs. The spectrum of becoming, from the cradle to the grave.

We can see the chain of life either as confinement – spirit bound by space and time and the limitations of the material world. Or we can see it as an infinite flow of potential and possibility. It all depends on how we look at it.

Take time out for yourself. Reflection is the path of insight and soul growth. Ask those important questions. How am I doing? What am I feeling? Are my actions aligned with my values and my goals? Or am I stuck in a rut, repeating routines that keep me busy without moving me forward? Am I emotionally fulfilled? Is my relationship all it can be? Am I embodying love or insecurity, nurture or smothering? This Full Moon presents an excellent opportunity to change course if needed.

We are often so entangled with life that we never pause to reflect. We are remote-controlled by a sense of duty and feel stuck in a seemingly immovable situation. But everything changes if we take the time to reflect and decide to take action.
Without reflection, we stay in our rut and become frustrated, resentful, angry, and depressed. Better to spend a bit of time on spiritual/emotional self-care.


Mercury conjunct Sun opposite Moon

Mercury in Cancer is a poetic soul, sensitive, emotional, and sometimes sentimental. Thinking is guided by gut instinct rather than abstraction. It focuses on the familiar, traditions, and habitual patterns of thinking. Yet it is also malleable and easily influenced by anything that grabs its emotional attention. The mind is formed by subjective experiences, associations, and intuition – all that arises within us.


Sun conjunct Mercury

The conscious will aligns with the instinctual mind. It has a subjective, intuitive understanding of reality with all its inconsistencies. Yet, it tends to idealize the past, hankering for a golden age that never was. It wanders down memory lane, longing for childhood or rummaging in the past. Or it may grapple with questions of identity and its entanglements with the family. Our personal connections shape our understanding of history. This aspect lends itself exceptionally well to biography work.


Mars conjunct Venus square Uranus

The Mars/Venus conjunction squaring Uranus shakes up the status quo and challenges the social norms. This can either relate to issues of equality or highlight a particular event that breaks through the barriers of social conventions. It can also signify penned-up anger erupting suddenly.

On a personal level, this aspect challenges us to choose or to fight and defend what we stand for. Be true to yourself! The impulse to break free and follow an inner calling may be overwhelming. Focusing on daily routines that don’t align with your authentic self will become increasingly difficult. This is a moment of choice.


Sun sextile Jupiter /Sun trine Saturn
Moon trine Jupiter/Moon sextile Saturn

The Full Moon forms a constructive aspect pattern with Jupiter and Saturn. Although it is hard to get to grips with Saturn in Pisces, it is adaptable. This pattern urges us to review and align our values and belief systems according to the inner changes that are taking place. But the key to change is action. Nothing changes by merely thinking about it. Change is happening. We can’t stop the tide, but our awareness and proactive choices can channel this energy positively. Nevertheless, expect disruptive currents.


Nodes at 0° Scorpio

The nodes have reached 0° Scorpio and are about to change polarity. Their next cycle will take us through the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. The focus shifts to the dynamic balance between self-awareness and social awareness.

To sum it up, this super full moon is challenging because it demands that we make choices that are true to whom we are and what we stand for.