The New Moon in Gemini on June 18 is a very fickle affair. Gemini can be unpredictable. One never knows what is coming or which side he will display. Gemini is a masterful verbal acrobat, capable of selling an egg for a hammer. Half-truths are not beneath him if they help him achieve his goals. And if anyone cottons on – well, it was just a joke, and who cares about words, anyway? Gemini can be light-hearted, humorous and quick-witted. Or jittery and nervous, like a bag of fleas. Sometimes it fluctuates between extremes of highs and lows. The New Moon in Gemini is about brainstorming ideas and exploring all angles.

New Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

The closest aspect to the New Moon is a square to Neptune. This denotes disappointment. The ideas may be impractical and way beyond the realm of possibility. Or, they may be stuck on a particular vision of how things ought to be. Yet, during this generative phase, we should allow ourselves to play with ideas, even the wildest ones. Censorship inhibits the creative flow. Even the most outlandish notions can become springboards to more viable possibilities. Be creative and playful, and avoid getting stuck on a particular choice now.

Saturn turns retrograde (June 17 – November 4)

Saturn has just turned retrograde. From now until November 4, we can go over the ground we have recently covered, take stock, digest, consolidate and prune, where necessary. Saturn makes us aware of our limitations, sharpening the focus of attention to the things that matter most.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Jupiter sextiles Saturn as he turns retrograde, which adds a benevolent twist. Despite the awareness of limitations, this does not have a pessimistic quality. It serves as a gentle reminder to re-evaluate where we invest our time and urges us to choose wisely. The influence is stabilising but not rigid, nudging us to find and trust our inner rhythm. Spending time in nature can provide a sense of serenity and inspiration.

Venus sextile Mercury

Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo also form a tight sextile. This combination is inspiring and full of creative potential – an image of the muse. Mercury in Gemini is good with words, while Venus in Leo loves all forms of artistic expression. It is also an excellent aspect for social events, depicting a stimulating and colourful celebration.

Pluto is back in Capricorn

After dipping its toes into Aquarius for a short stint, Pluto is moving retrograde and has re-entered Capricorn. We have seen much turmoil and institutional change during Pluto’s stay in Capricorn. Now he has come back to finish the job. He will reach 27°53 Capricorn before going direct again on October 11 this year. Before he starts his long sojourn in Aquarius for good, he will cross the 0° Aquarius threshold twice in 2023 and 3 times in 2024. This transition period is crucial for setting the course for the future. A transformation of institutions and power structures is still in process, but now looks more like a reformation than a revolution.

Mercury square Saturn

Mercury has moved on from a square with Saturn, but may still exert a light influence. Squares are full of tension, forcing us to DO something about a situation. With Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces, the question is – what? These volatile signs have a hard time settling on anything. That is challenging, yet, flexibility is an appropriate strategy as long as it is not just avoidance in disguise.